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Recycling and Workshops for Warriors

Thank you for recycling your carbide with us in 2014. We had an outstanding year! Let's keep that momentum going in 2015! As one of the hardest metals on Earth, tungsten carbide is a valuable, but limited resource. When the carbide tools are no longer useful in your shop, recycle them to put some extra cash in your pocket while helping to preserve the existence of this essential metal.

silence is golden 2015-01-23

Silence is golden

Norway’s Aarbakke provides the highly competitive oil and gas industry with advanced turnkey solutions for subsea and downhole activities. Tools that improve the slitting process by more than 300 percent are a welcome addition to processes, not least because the solution significantly reduces noise levels.


New issue of the Metalworking World magazine

This new issue of Metalworking World looks at the future. Discover how new technology means huge time savings in Siemens’ gas turbine housing production as well as how additive manufacturing, big data and Internet of things will affect our industry. Read this issue now or download the Metalworking World app at the iTunes app store.


Use the Tool Builder application today

Plug-and-play coolant adaptors enable trouble free coolant connection and tool change – now selecting and applying this innovative modular tooling concept just became a great deal easier. The new Tool Builder application helps you to quickly find the right combination of cutting tool and adaptor for parting & grooving, turning or threading; simply select your application and machine interface and receive an immediate suggestion with a 3D rendition of the most suitable tooling combination. Tool Builder is designed for smart phones, tablets, MAC and PC.


Major Manufacturers and Education Leaders Team Up to Cultivate NJ Workforce

“Force21” meets to discuss strategies, opportunities and initiatives to optimize STEM programs for the working world

corocut qd 2014-11-24

Changing the face of Parting & Grooving

Optimized for bar feed lathes and sliding head machines, CoroCut QD is the safest choice for machining deep grooves or parting off in longer overhangs. Now you can get the lowdown on this impressive tool in our all-new parting-off webcast and see why CoroCut QD really is changing the face of Parting & Grooving.


Machining Heat-Resistant Super Alloys

Read more about turning materials such as titanium and super alloys in "Turning Exotic Materials," the latest article from Christer Richt in Production Machining magazine.


New Silent Tools™ deflection calculator

​With the new calculator for deflection of Silent Tools boring bars for turning, you can optimize your machining process by calculating and compensating deflection. You can also enter your cutting data and receive a recommendation of a suitable Silent Tools bar for your operation.


Looking Ahead

When the steam engine was first introduced in England in 1712, many shook their heads and argued that it was too expensive and a waste of time compared to hydropower. When the steam engine – now considered to be the invention that kicked off the first industrial revolution – proved to be more flexible and productive than hydropower, the skeptics were left behind. Of course, the old adage applied then as it does now: Adapt, or die.


Have you downloaded the Product news app?

A new version of Product news is out. It is loaded with all the new cutting tools and solutions from Sandvik Coromant accompanied with interactive graphics and animations – for a unique and enjoyable way of finding out what’s new in metal cutting. The new interface makes navigation really easy, and the content can be customized to your choice: just download the app to your smart phone or tablet and pick and choose from the available folders in the library. Stay ahead of competition – stay updated with the Product news app.

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