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Age of new materials

The race is on – for stronger, lighter and more sustainable materials

Throughout history, materials and advances in material technology have influenced humankind. Now we just might be on the verge of the next shift in this type of technology, enabling products and functions we never believed possible.

Composite materials are increasingly being used in aircrafts, cars, turbine blades and other products. Other materials, like graphene, hold even greater promise and may completely revolutionize industrial design. In our fourth Looking ahead film, we talk to experts and researchers about future trends and new materials.

When it comes to innovative materials for manufacturing, graphene is the most promising jewel. Do you have an idea for an innovative idea of how you would use graphene in your home? If so, enter the Graphene Challenge for a chance to win!


A material revolution 
A material revolution

Lighter, tougher and recyclable – new materials open up new possibilities for the manufacturing industry.

How new materials are changing the manufacturing industry


The age of new materials 
The age of new materials

Throughout history, advances in materials technology have influenced humankind. Now, we’re on the verge of the next material shift.

Is the future now? Find out »


The promise of graphene 
The promise of graphene

How and when will graphene impact the manufacturing industry?

Read the story here »


​​A material infographic 
A material infographic

Did you know that a surfboard could be made out of mushrooms? That NASA has developed a self-healing material and that most of the contents in an oil barrel is burned rather than being used as raw material?​

Check out our infographic on new materialsCheck out our infographic on new materials

Film: Looking Ahead 1

The ability to act early and quickly on trends in today’s competitive landscape is essential to stay ahead in manufacturing.

What are your future challenges? Watch the film »


The Graphene Challenge 
The Graphene Challenge

How would you modernize your home in an innovative and sustainable way using graphene?

Enter the Graphene Challenge & find out what you can win »

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