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Made from high alloy steel or inconel the major challenge here is the length and internal features of the component. The biggest development in shaft manufacturing has come from the evolution of the multi-task machine. Coromant Capto® and Silent Tools are proven to be the perfect partners for shaft manufacture with multi-task machines.

Dampened boring bars

A standard Silent Tool boring bar programme up to 250mm diameter and 14 x dia to length capability is available. This range of tools can produce component features of an extraordinarily high standard. The serration lock (SL) coupling is now equipped with a full range of cutting heads with HPC capability.


High-pressure coolant!


CoroCut SL70 - the flexible modular tooling system

SL70 modular blade system offers easy access into the flange around the shaft with high pressure nozzles as standard. The rigid CoroCut system is often used with the TF or TM turning/grooving geometries for high alloy steels.

Trouble-free production with targeted coolant

CoroTurn SL70 



​Coromant Capto/
multi-task machining

An open system optimized for turning, milling and drilling.

  • Turning tools designed to work with the machine tool's B-axis locked at 45 degrees
  • Tools with multi-functions to reduce the amount of tools required and maximize magazine space
  • Longer tools to give accessibility to centre without the need for adaptors
  • Standard programme of turning tool heads with CoroTurn HP

Trouble-free production with targeted coolant

Read more about Coromant Capto

High pressure coolant: 



High-pressure coolant!

Scallop milling

Our exchangeable-head system with CoroMill® 316 is the economical tool for scallop milling. With a shorter cutting length than other tools, it provides essential stability, optimized for these small depths of cut with close tolerances.

Tool change and tool setting times are drastically reduced compared to traditional end mills and chucks. Chamfering inserts are also available in the same system.

CoroMill 316



The complete modern hole making solution

Drill with CoroDrill® 846

The latest development in solid carbide drill technology with geometry optimized for HRSA offers a high number of drilled holes with security and low axial cutting forces.

Secure drilling for thin walled components


Finish bore with Plura end mill

Circular interpolation is a fast and secure method, one tool can finish a wide range of hole diameters reducing tool inventory.

Read more about CoroMill Plura end mills 


Chamfer with Coromant Capto CoroTurn XS

This tool replaces inflexible special tools and can even be used for all de-burring and not just holes.​

Chamfering of holes with CoroTurn XS




Internal bottle boring

Certain shaft designs have a 'bottle bore' feature, which is a very specialised operation.

We offer pull boring solutions for new component or machine installation projects.

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