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Shift sleeve

The main challenge in machining shift sleeves are usually to obtain a good process security to allow for high productivity and tight tolerances. Grooving is a vital and challenging operation that requires a secure and productive machining process with excellent chip control.


CoroCut® is a complete machining program of cutting tools, holders, grades and geometries. With easily connected over- and under coolant, together with an extremely rigid and precise spring clamping mechanism, CoroCut 1-2 ensures a truly secure and efficient grooving operation. The rail insert seat ensures stable and precise insert position.

The combination makes it possible to run at high cutting data and reach higher productivity compared to other systems on the market. CoroCut 2-edge is the most cost efficient solution for the shift-sleeve grooves.



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Tailor Made

Our Tailor Made service gives you the freedom to specify your own profile and chamfer dimensions without having to pay the price of an engineered insert. Other advantages include quick quotations, easy ordering, quick delivery and a performance guarantee.

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