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Threading tools for small part machining

Secure thread milling

The CoroMill® Plura thread milling cutters offer a secure threading process in a wide range of materials. Two different designs are available depending on the application, one with few cutting edges and one multi-point design.

CoroMill® Plura



Highly productive threading

When talking about thread turning CoroThread® 266 has a solution for any component. The three-edged system includes almost every thread profile, and the excellent insert stability secures high thread quality while at the same time allowing for increased cutting data.

CoroThread® 266




CoroTap™ with -XM geometry is an easy to choose, multi-functional tapping solution for a wide range of materials for through holes (CoroTap™ 200) and blind holes (CoroTap™ 300).

CoroTap™ 200 and CoroTap™ 300



​Find your tools!

External threading





Thread turning

1. CoroCut® XS

Thread forms: Metric and V profile 60°
Diameter: 1–8 mm (0.04–0.315 inch)

2. CoroThread® 266

Thread forms: M, UN, WH, PT, NT, NF, RN, MJ, UNJ, TR, AC, SA
Multi- or single-point profiles
Diameter: 8–40 mm (0.315–1.57 inch)



Thread whirling

CoroMill® 325

Screw diameter: 3–10 mm (0.118–0.394 inch)
Thread forms: HA and HB

Internal threading






Thread milling

4. CoroMill® Plura

Pitches: 0.35–3 mm (64–10 TPI)
Min. thread size: M1.6×0.35
Thread forms: M, UNC, UNF, NPT, NPTF, G




5. CoroTap™ 200, CoroTap 300 (-XM geometry)

Spiral point and spiral flute taps for blind and through holes
Min. thread size: M1×0.25
Thread forms: M, MF, UNC, UNF, NPT, NPTF, G 


​Thread turning

1. CoroThread® 266

Pitches: 0.5–8 mm (32–3 threads/inch)
Min. hole diameter: 12 mm (0.472 inch)
Thread forms: M, UN, WH, PT, NT, NF, RN, MJ, UNJ, TR, AC, SA

2. CoroCut® MB

Pitches: 0.5–3 mm (32–8 threads/inch)
Min. hole diameter: 10 mm (0.393 inch)
Thread forms: M, UN, NPT, TR, AC, SA

3. CoroTurn® XS

Pitches: 0.5–3 mm (32–16 threads/inch)
Min. hole diameter: 4 mm (0.157 inch)
Thread forms: M, UN, WH, NPT, TR and V-forms



Bone screw machining

CoroMill® 325 works excellent in this thread whirling operation.

Read about the full solution 


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Tapping webcast

Learn about our tapping products to see what tap suits your applications the most.


Not finding your tool?

Sometimes that exact dimension you require might be missing. If so, simply turn to our Tailor Made service.

Tailor made 


Tips and tricks for threading

In the this section you find threading basics, application tips, troubleshooting and other information helping you get the most out of your thread turning, thread milling and tapping tools.

Threading knowledge 


Get more out of your sliding head machine

This quick change system of tool holders, stops and wedges is designed to maximise effective production time in sliding head machines.

QS holding system


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Thread whirling

The milling cutter CoroMill 325 allows for high precision thread whirling of slender components.


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