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The specific cutting force


​For power, torque and cutting force calculations, the specific cutting force, or kc1, is used. It can be explained as the force, Fc, in the cutting direction (see picture), needed to cut a chip area of 1 mm² that has a thickness of 1 mm. The kc1 value is different for the six material groups, and also varies within
each group.

The kc1 value is valid for a neutral insert with a rake angle, γ0, = 0°; other values must be considered to compensate for this. For example, if the rake angle is more positive than 0 degrees, the actual kc value will decrease, which is calculated with this formula:

Specific cutting force (kc)



​If the actual chip thickness, hm, is, for example, 0.3 mm, the kc value will be higher, see diagram. When the actual kc value is defined, the power requirement can be calculated accordingly:

Net power requirement (Pc)


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