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iLock – the ingenious locking interface

​iLock™ is a secure locking interface between insert and tool holder which prevents the cutting forces from affecting the tool position. Thereby high machining performance and dimensional accuracy is achieved.

When to use

All machining generates forces on the tool in use. These forces can cause micro-movements of the insert in its seat, and even the smallest movements can have a negative effect on both tool performance and final result.

How do you make sure that an insert remains fixed exactly in its position? The iLock interface is developed to bridge this challenge.

How does it work?

Tools with iLock design have rails or serrations on the tool holder and corresponding slots on the insert for a tight locking. This prevents the cutting forces from affecting the tool position. The result is improved performance in terms of:

  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Long tool life
  • Good chip control 

Different applications require different tools and therefor different interfaces. iLock covers different tooling solutions for applications within milling, turning, threading and drilling.


Forces cause micro movements of
the insert in its seat. 
With the T-railed interface on CoroTurn TR the insert stays fixed in its position.
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