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CoroMill 600 High-performance blade milling cutter

CoroMill® 600 is a modern innovative milling cutter – a completely new design based on our unique iLock™ insert clamping solution.

Developed for roughing and semi-finishing of turbine blades for power generation, this round-insert cutter enables a new approach to meet the challenges of blade machining.





  • Improved tool life and increased productivity in blade milling applications
  • Easy and accurate insert indexing (possible with gloves) – no need to remove screw to index the insert
  • Able to run at higher cutting speeds without vibration
  • Cutter design enables ramping
  • Insert geometry minimizes heat in the cutting zone and reduces power consumption



  • Innovative insert seat design with patented iLock system
  • Optimized cutter body design with enhanced clearance for blade machining conditions
  • Differential pitch in cutter body
  • New-developed CVD grade, for machining in ferrite-martensitic materials, that can withstand high heat and thermal cracks propagation
  • Innovative insert geometry generates light cutting action
  • Through coolant
  • Pre-threaded coolant holes for optional use of advanced cooling technology



  • Blade machining for power generation components
  • Profile roughing and semi-finishing operations
ISO application area


​Product Range

DC mm (inch) IC​ Coupling type​ Geometry​ Grade​
25, 32
(0.984, 1.260)​
10​ Cylindrical shank ​ M-ML, E-ML, M-MM ​ M30B, 1030, 4240​
10​ Arbor​ M-ML, E-ML, M-MM M30B, 1030, 4240​
(1.575–2.480) ​
12​ Arbor​ M-ML, E-ML, M-MM M30B, 1030, 4240​


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