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Threading tools

Our comprehensive range of threading tools will help you produce complex component features with ease. We offer a variety of tools suited to different components, thread profiles and pitches, for both external and internal threads. For productive, high-quality threading, you’ve come to the right place.

How to get the best machining result

Thread turning

Thread turning is the process of an indexable insert tool making a number of passes along the section of a workpiece requiring a screw thread. We offer a comprehensive range of tools, including the CoroThread® 266 series, which is the best choice for most applications.

Tapping expertise

Tapping is an easy, well known and highly efficient threading process. It covers the most common thread profiles and is suitable for all kinds of machine tools, both rotating and non-rotating components.

Thread milling

Thread milling produces threads with the circular ramping movement of a rotating tool. It requires a machine tool capable of simultaneous movement in the X, Y and Z-axis directions

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