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Boring and reaming tools

Boring is a machining process for enlarging or finishing of an existing hole. When fine boring, achieving excellent surface finish and close tolerances are the main goal. Reaming is a finishing operation performed with a multi-edge tool giving high-precision holes with great surface finish, superb hole quality and close dimensional tolerances.

Why choose Sandvik Coromant?

The boring range from Sandvik Coromant is built on the CoroBore® system that covers a large range of applications and diameters. HP High Precision coolant for excellent chip control, as well as light weight tools or damped tools for boring with long overhang are some of the unique features offered by the CoroBore system.

Coromant Capto® modular tooling system

For best stability and hole quality use Coromant Capto system as a modular interface to combine adaptors, extensions and machine interface adaptors for greater flexibility. Reduce inventory and tool investment cost for all metal cutting operations.

Solving vibration for boring operations

Silent Tools™ solution helps to reduce vibration tendencies when machining with long overhang. It also boosts productivity with the possibility to increase the depth of cut with excellent surface finish. Suitable for both roughing and finishing operations.


Increase productivity with Silent Tools™

Watch our Silent Tools™ for boring in action. The video takes a 3D look inside so you can see the internal machining process.

Large-diameter boring

CoroBore® XL is a boring tool system for large-diameter boring. New bridges and holders enable both fine and rough boring with precise results and optimal productivity.

New machining method

SpiroGrooving™ is a simple yet sophisticated process for making grooves for sealing rings. The method uses a spirograph tool path to create close-tolerance seal ring grooves in a very reliable and productive way.

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