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Cut off, slot and groove milling

Looking for a broad range of tools for parting off, groove or slot milling of top-quality components? Whether you are slot or groove milling, cutting narrow or wide, deep or shallow, you will find the right tool for your needs here. Use our knowledge to give your milling cutter a competitive edge.


Case: CoroMill Plura®

By implementing new solid carbide end mills, Motala Verkstad was able to reach superior productivity levels in end milling.

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Tooling flexibility for small diameters

The Coromant EH modular system provides great tooling flexibility. Choose from an extensive variety of heads, adaptors and shanks.

Steel milling evolution

With grade GC1130 featuring the unique Zertivo™ technology, flaking and chipping are no longer a problem. GC1130 is now available in a number of milling concepts, including CoroMill® QD for deep and narrow grooving, and for the multi-purpose side and face milling cutter CoroMill® 331.

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