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Face milling

If you need a face milling tool to efficiently machine flat surfaces, look no further. From heavy duty roughing in tough conditions to the final finishing required for high-quality surfaces, we have the face milling cutter to get the job done.

Heavy duty roughing

CoroMill® 360

For extremely tough conditions in powerful machines

CoroMill® 357

Cost-efficient 10-edge cutters for steel and cast iron

CoroMill® 245

Multipurpose cutters for mixed production

CoroMill® 200

For demanding materials and applications

Roughing to semi-finishing

CoroMill® 345

First choice for high productivity

CoroMill® 245

Multipurpose cutters for mixed production

CoroMill® 331

Back facing and vibration-prone applications

CoroMill® 490

For components with a 90° wall or narrow fixturing

CoroMill® 210

First choice for high-feed face milling in steel and cast iron

CoroMill® 415

Cost-efficient high feed face milling in small diameters

CoroMill® 419

High-feed concept for stainless steel and heat-resistant super alloys

CoroMill® 200

Robust face milling and profiling cutter

CoroMill® 300

Face and profile milling cutters

CoroMill® S-60

Extra-close pitch cutters for high metal removal rate in cast iron

Auto Roughing

Extra-close pitch cutter for automotive transfer lines

CoroMill® 365

Cost-efficient machining close to walls in cast iron

CoroMill® 745

Multi-edge face milling cutter for best production economy


CoroMill® 245

First choice for general finishing

CoroMill® 345

Cost-efficient finishing

CoroMill® Century

Super-finishing in aluminium, cast iron and hardened steel

CoroMill® 331

Back facing and vibration- prone applications

CoroMill® 425

Adjustable finishing face milling cutter for automotive production

Auto FS

Fixed pocket face milling cutters for automotive transfer lines


Predictable tool life

The M5B90 face milling cutter was developed with the automotive industry to meet tough demands for surface finishes and tolerances. It is tailored for high-volume production and can reduce setup times and cost per component.

Tilted in your favour

CoroMill® 745 is a brand new multi-edge face milling concept. Double-sided, but with uniquely tilted inserts for a positive cutting action, it leaves you with 14 true cutting edges for superior cost-efficiency.

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New high feed version

CoroMill® 745 is available with 42° entering angle for larger depth of cuts and in a new high feed version with 25° entering angle to boost your productivity in smaller depth of cuts.

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