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Indexable insert drills

When manufacturing economy is your biggest concern, indexable drills are the right solution. Whether it is general drilling, plunge drilling or stack drilling, find the indexable drill that suits your specific needs here.

How to get the best machining results

Drilling troubleshooting

Oversized holes? The solution can be as simple as increasing the coolant flow and cleaning the filter. Check out our solutions to the most common problems.

Tips for drilling formulas and definitions

Wondering how to calculate your approximate tool life? Find some useful drilling formulas and definitions here.

App: Drilling & tapping calculator

Calculate the optimal cut settings based on your job parameters. You can also use the app for hole size calculations for tapping and ISO tolerances for bore and shaft.

Knowledge through e-learning

Want to know how to improve productivity and use your tools properly? Learn the fundamentals of metal cutting by using our e-learning programme.

Plunge drilling or trepanning?

Get a complete application overview of drilling methods. You can also learn some useful tips for circular ramping, plunge drilling and trepanning.

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Video: Secure alignment of the drill

Our drilling expert Aaron Habeck discusses proper drill alignment. Find out how to ensure correct alignment of the drill in non-rotating applications.

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