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Multi-task machines

Multi-task machines enable you to combine all operations on one machine, which saves set-up time for components. Our specialized multi-functional tools for this machine type will help you improve productivity and efficiency, while saving you time and money.


High-precision coolant

CoroTurn® HP’s high-precision nozzles dramatically improve chip control and process security. Their parallel laminar jets of coolant help prevent chip jamming and decrease tool wear.

Is vibration a problem for you?

Silent Tools® are tool holders for turning, milling, boring and drilling. They were designed to minimize vibrations through a damper inside the tool body, which can significantly increase productivity and improve surface quality.

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Quick change modular adaptors

Combining modular tool assembling with quick change function on tool side these Coromant Capto® adaptors dramatically reduce the time spent on set-up and tool change while offering great tooling flexibility.

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