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Shoulder milling, edging

Whether you are milling deep shoulders, trying to avoid vibration, or require specific and precise contours, you will find the shoulder milling tool you need here. Our comprehensive assortment of CoroMill® shoulder milling cutters provide top-quality performance and reliability.


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The new CoroMill® 390 end mill

The new end mill with small diameters combine all of our milling expertise into one versatile milling tool. Due to the small size 07 inserts, a high cutter-teeth density delivers trouble-free milling with superior productivity.

Maximize your milling cutter productivity

Achieve side clearance and vertical reach with undersized Silent Tools™ adaptor shanks when machine side interface is the same diameter as the nominal size milling cutter.

Raising productivity in the aerospace industry

Challenge: How to meet the demands of machining titanium airframe components?

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