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Turning centers and lathes

We offer unique, highly efficient solutions for turning centres and lathes. Our Coromant Capto® and QS holding systems help you maximize productivity, while our Silent Tools® reduce vibration and enable machining of long overhangs. With the CoroTurn® SL modular system you can also build customized tools for a variety of machining applications.


High-precision coolant

CoroTurn® HP’s high-precision nozzles dramatically improve chip control and process security. Their parallel laminar jets of coolant help prevent chip jamming and decrease tool wear.

Quick-change solution

With Coromant Capto® change time is significantly reduced, which means you stay productive longer. We have a standard range of driven clamping units for most turning centres.

Component solution for machining of valve seat pockets

These elliptical Silent Tools™ adaptors and CoroTurn® SL cutting heads are the solution if you are a manufacturer of valves, requiring a tool combination to overcome challenges such as machining vibrations, deep seat positions and narrow flow bore entries.

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