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CoroBore 825 Fine boring tool for high precision boring

CoroBore® 825 is a flexible tool covering a large diameter range. The tools can be adjusted radially in order to cover a certain diameter range with one tool. The tools allow precision adjustment in microns in order to achieve close tolerances.



  • Flexible solutions linking to any machine interface; choose between Coromant Capto and EH modular interfaces
  • Achieve required overhang even at small diameters with the EH modular system
  • Reliable system with rigid interfaces between head and cartridge for stable and vibration-free boring
  • CoroBore 825 accurately adjusts the cutting edge manually with a resolution of 0.01 mm (0.0004 inch) on diameter
  • Excellent surface finish with wiper inserts
  • Close hole tolerances of IT6
  • Available as damped tool for vibration-free boring even at long overhangs



  • Large standard assortment of CoroTurn 107
  • Cartridge designed for highest stability
  • Slide extension for increased diameter range and back boring
  • Cutting fluid through the tool



  • Dedicated geometries and grades for all materials
  • For conventional fine boring and back boring
Conventional fine boring​ Back boring
ISO application area:
Diameter, inch ​
 CoroBore 825 EH, Ø 19 - 36 mm (0.75- 1.42”)​
   CoroBore 825 cylindrical shank, Ø 19 - 36 mm (0.75- 1.42”)​
     CoroBore 825 Coromant Capto (modular), Ø19 - 167 mm (0.75- 6.58”)​

CoroBore 825 Damped, Ø 23-167 mm (0.91-6.58”)










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