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CoroCut QD The most reliable system for parting off

When you need to machine deep grooves or part off in long overhangs, CoroCut® QD is the safest choice. All tools have over- and under coolant for best performance and chip control. Add the support from plug and play coolant adaptors and a stable, user-friendly clamping mechanism and you get CoroCut QD – a system to rely on.


CoroCut QD redefines traditional performance standards for parting and grooving applications.


A dramatic illustration of the strength and stability of CoroCut QD. 


CoroCut QD

Choose CoroCut QD for machining deep grooves or parting off in long overhangs.



I was amazed by how the chips were flying off and breaking – I had not seen anything like it before! And using CoroCut QD, we’ve cut down on the number of inserts we use.

David Turk Emhart Glass 

David Turk, CNC Engineer, Emhart Glass, USA


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