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CoroCut XS Versatile small part machining system for external applications

CoroCut® XS is a tangentially mounted system for precision machining in sliding head machines. The system is for external parting, grooving, turning, backturning and threading applications. The extremely sharp cutting edges perform best at low feeds.



  • High precision
  • Close tolerances
  • Easy indexing
  • Good accessibility when changing inserts
  • Wide variety of insert widths
  • Internal grooving at very small diameters



  • Sharp cutting edges
  • All inserts fit into the same tool holder
  • High quality ground inserts and holders
  • Full profile inserts for high quality threads in one operation
  • Designed to maintain the tool holder intact in case of insert breakage.
  • Available with high precision coolant


CoroCut XS threading programme includes full profile inserts for small pitch and small diameters with high quality demands.


  • Parting-off in sliding head machines
  • Precision grooving at low speeds and feeds


ISO application area


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