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Indexable drills have long been known for their cost-efficiency—but lower price tags often come at the expense of accuracy and hole quality. The CoroDrill® 880 solves this problem with unique insert geometries and a configuration that creates a balanced, step-by-step entrance into the workpiece. This reduces cutting forces to less than half of typical insert drills, and virtually eliminates deflection on entry.

CoroDrill® 880 range features indexable insert drills from 12 to 84 mm (0.472-3.307 inch) in diameters, as well as engineered solution to 129 mm (5.078 inch). Products are available in two different designs to cover different diameter ranges.



Introducing new indexable drilling grades GC4324, GC4334 and GC4344 suitable for all types of carbon steels, cast iron and secondary for stainless steels and hardened materials. 

For large diameter drills, full drill body assortment with VL coupling is now available.

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CoroDrill 880
Large diameters
(Engineered offer)
​CoroDrill 880
Large diameters
Standard offer
CoroDrill 880
(Enginered offer)
​CoroDrill 880
Standard and Tailor Made
CoroDrill 881
Standard and Tailor Made


​CoroDrill 880 indexable insert drill

This indexable drill is designed for excellent chip evacuation. Strong drill body with central and peripheral inserts features unique Step Technology™ for a perfect cutting force balance. With CoroDrill 880 high performance in most workpiece materials is guaranteed.



  • Up to 100% higher productivity
  • Close hole tolerance and improved surface finish
  • Four true cutting edges with Wiper technology



For hole diameters 12.00−63.50 mm (0.472−2.500 inch)​
Tailor Made option in intermediate sizes within the assortment range. Step and chamfer available as Tailor Made.

​CoroDrill 880 indexable insert drill for large diameter holes

CoroDrill 880 is designed for reliability and process security for large diameter holes. The robust drill body is equipped with replaceable cartridges which can be selected to machine a range of prespecified diameters.The resulting advantage is being able to use the same drill body for a 5 mm (0.197 inch) diameter range.



  • Secure and reliable drilling due to a robust drill body with a rigid cartridge interface
  • Excellent chip control and evacuation as a result of the flute design with a helical angle and inserts with optimized geometries for all materials
  • Excellent flexibility – one drill body covers five diameter dimensions due to replaceable fixed cartridge system
  • User-friendly economical solution with exchangeable cartridges and indexable inserts
For hole diameters 65.00−84.00 mm (2.559−3.307 inch)


Engineered solution to 129 mm (5.078 inch) and 4×D

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