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CoroMill 174 Flexible solution for large modules

​CoroMill® 174 is an innovative disc-cutting solution for finishing of small and medium batch sizes. With one cutter it is possible to cover a wide range of modules and gear profiles for both internal and external gears. This gear milling tool is a highly adaptable solution for single-produced large components, being able to cover a module range between M10–M50 with just three tools and different sets of inserts, wedges and spacers.​​


  • Flexible disc cutting for small to medium sized batches
  • ​Same cutter body for different modules, number of gear teeth, external and internal profiles
  • Low tool-investment for multiple production
  • Only inserts and sometimes wedges need to be ordered for additional​ gear profiles​
  • Protected tool body due to the back-positioned wedges



  • Perfect solution for production of mixed gear sizes within the same module range
  • Finishing cutter range M10 – M50
  • External and internal gears
  • Large components for wind power, mining and energy​

ISO application area​

Product range

​​CoroMill 174
Gear module range, mm (DP)10–50 (2.5–0.5)
Tool diameter range, mm (inch)180–500 (7–20)
Couplings, mm (inch)50–100 (2–4)
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