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CoroMill 331 Multi-purpose side and face milling cutter

The CoroMill® 331 is a multi-purpose side and face cutter with high-precision capability for numerous operations. The cutter is the most productive of its kind for producing grooves and for cutting off. Wide grooves can be produced by several CoroMill cutters mounted together in a gang.



  • Wide range of mounting options 
  • Open pockets
  • Flexibility
  • Good chip evacuation
  • Wedge type cassette locking
  • Accuracy, security and stability due to serrations


  • Easy setting for desired width
  • Round insert options and a vast
    assortment of corner radii
  • Inserts with eight edges for face milling operations available.
    Entering angle 88°
  • Insert geometries and grades for all
  • Spring-loaded cassette
  • Security with pin-controlled setting


  • Grooving
  • Parting off
  • Double half side milling
  • Shoulder milling
  • Face milling
  • Back face milling
  • Gang milling
  • Circular ramping
ISO application area


CoroMill 331 is available with grade GC1130 inserts with Zertivo technology for long and predictable tool life




Light machining

Low cutting forces 

Low feed rates 

Close tolerance​

General use in
most materials​​

Heavy machining

Highest edge security

High feed rates

ISO N and

Cutters delivered within 0.01 mm width. To achieve a close tolerance, use the H tolerance inserts.

Choice of cutter for facing and back-facing in right and left-hand spindles


Choice of cassette

Half side and face mill ​Full side and face mill


Note: The cutter diameter, DC, will be 3.2 mm (0.126 inch) larger with the 8 edge square insert.​



​Product range

Diameter range:
  • Full side and face mill: 80–315 mm (3.150–12.000 inch)
  • Half side and face mill: 80–315 mm (3.150–12.000 inch)
  • Double half side and face mill: 200–315 mm (8.000–12.000 inch)
  • Full side and face mill with fixed pockets: 40–125 mm (1.500–3.000 inch)
Width range:
  • Width range: 6–26.5 mm (0.236–1.043 inch)
  • Setting range 2 or 3 mm (0.078 or 0.118 inch)
  • Cutters delivered within 0.01 mm width (0.0004 inch)
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