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CoroMill 345 Face mill for high productivity

CoroMill® 345 is a cost-efficient face mill for high productivity in terms of feed per tooth and metal removal rate. The robust cutter body and shim-protected tip seats give security to the machining process, making the cutter body a good choice if unmanned production is a priority.



  • Low cost per component thanks to eight cutting edges
  • High output – with internal coolant high productivity is possible also in demanding materials
  • Secure machining thanks to shim-protected tip seats and tough cutter body
  • Optimized machine utilization and productivity with four different pitches
  • Wide application area – use the same concept for different applications



  • Double-sided inserts with eight cutting edges
  • Wiper inserts for excellent surface finish at high feed per tooth
  • Internal coolant directed at each pocket up to diameter 125 mm (5 inch)
  • Coromant Capto® coupling, cylindrical shank, Arbor, Weldon or CIS Arbor mounting
Insert and shim for safe face milling
  • At large depths of cut, chip hammering will often damage the following edge that is indexed in position for cutting. The CoroMill 345 insert geometry protects against this, which allows more edges to be fully utilized 

  • The shim is designed for insert seat protection and full support of the insert, which ensures long life for the cutter body 



  • Face milling
  • Rouging to finishing
  • Maximum depth of cut 6 mm (0.236 inch)
ISO application area


CoroMill 345 machining in stainless steel.

Coolant supply to each insert pocket ensures good chip evacuation and good performance also in demanding materials.




The shim should be mounted with the arrows directed towards each side of the insert pocket. 


Maximum 6 mm (0.236 inch) cut.


  • For best results when machining with wiper inserts, use the same grade for the wiper insert and the working inserts
  • To ensure the desired effect of wiper inserts, use ground working inserts
  • Choose the right pitch for your application
First choice inserts (geometry and grade)

 Light​  Medium​  Heavy​  Wiper
 -PL GC1030​  -PM GC4230​  -PH GC4230​  -PW8
 -ML GC1040​ -MM GC1040​  -MM GC2040​  -MW8
 -KL GC1020​  -KM GC3330​  -KH GC3330​  -KW8
 -ML S30T​  -MM S30T​  -MM S40T​  -MW8
 -PL GC1010​  -PM GC1010​  -PH GC1010​  -PW5
Positive cutting action

The positive axial inclination at small depths of cut offers a soft cutting action with low axial pressure on the workpiece. As the depth of cut increases, a more upright part of the cutting edge is engaged, providing a more substantial structure for high security, especially in tougher cuts.


Product range

  • Diameter range 40–250 mm (1.5–10 inch)
  • L, M, H and HX pitch
    • L pitch available in differential version
    • M pitch available in differential version
    • H pitch available in even version up to diameter 125 mm (5 inch) and differential version from diameter 160 mm (6 inch)
    • HX pitch available in even version
  • Insert size 13


Positive cutting action. 
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