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Forming taps form the thread instead of cutting. This is a chip-free solution that is suitable for both through and blind holes. All materials are not suitable since there is need of certain ductility; recommended tensile strength limit is 1200 N/mm2. Forming taps are available with and without oil grooves.



  • Chamfer C (2-3 threads) and chamfer E (1.5-2 threads). Chamfer E mainly used in blind holes with low clearance  
  • High speed steel with cobolt taps for improved wear resistance
  • High speed powder steel taps for improved strength, wear resistance and tool life
  • Solid carbide taps for superior tool life and highest productivity
  • Three different coatings are available:
    • TiCN – used on our solid carbide forming taps. Combines low friction with high hardness 
    • TiN – all-round coating with low friction
    • CrN – excellent for ISO N materials and low alloyed steel


  • Taps optimized for specific materials and taps optimized for versatility
  • Suitable for both through holes and blind holes
  • Available in many thread forms and stan¬dards
  • Depths up to 3.5 × diameter
  • Available with internal coolant in thread forms M
  • Tolerances:
    • ISO N: 6H, 2B
    • Multi: 6G, 6GX, 6H, 6HX, 2B, 2BX
ISO application area


Product range

​ ​ ​ ​

CoroTap™ 400




M M3-M8 M2-M8​ M1-M24 M3-M20​ M2-M16​
MF M5-M16​ M10-M12​
UNC No.4-1” No.4-3/8
UNF No.10-1” No.10-7/16
EGM M3-M12​
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