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How to apply

CoroTurn® TR is the first choice for external profiling with D style (55º) and V style (35º) inserts. These inserts change tool path direction frequently during machining coping with varying depths of cut.

  • D style inserts for medium and finishing applications and V style inserts for finishing.
  • Excellent for machining of components where dimensional tolerances are difficult to maintain due to insert movement, there is often a high scrap rate or there is a frequent need for off-setting.
  • Machining of steel, stainless steel, heat resistant super alloys, titanium alloys, hardened materials.




​Different tool options with CoroTurn TR



Coromant Capto®, for unmatched stability all the way from turret to cutting edge


CoroTurn® SL cutting heads for modular tooling




QS™ shanks for secure and efficient machining in turning centres and large sliding heads


Rectangular shank tools



​Tool holders are available with conventional and CoroTurn® HP design.


Plug and play adaptors for QS shanks:

The coolant is easily connected thanks to support from a large assortment of plug and play adaptors including Coromant Capto®, VDI and machine specific adaptors for turning centres and QS stops for sliding head machines.


Handling instructions (PDF)

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