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Profiling with CoroTurn TR, QS shanks

When changing to the CoroTurn® TR QS shanks, a customer could machine a remarkable number of components. As a result of implementing internal over- and under coolant, significant improvements were experienced both at high and low coolant pressures.


Workpiece material Stainless steel, M1.0.Z.AQ (200 HB) ​
Cutting tool, insert QS-TR-D13JCR 2020HP, D1308 2025 ​
vc m/min (ft/min)200 (3.94)
fn mm/r (in/rev) 0.18 (0.007)
ResultsCoroTurn TRCoroTurn TR​Competitor
Coolant, bar (psi)50 (725)8 (116)​External
​Tool life, pcs​470​340​190




Tool life , pcs​
TR 50 bar
(725 psi)
CoroTurn TR 8 bar (116 psi) Competitor
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