Latest cutting tools and solutions
Every year Sandvik Coromant launches around 3,000 new products. These products along with application knowledge and solutions are all packaged in CoroPak – released on 1st March and 1st October.

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Latest cutting tools and solutions


Reliable parting off

When you need to machine deep grooves or part off with long overhangs, CoroCut® QD is the safest choice. All tools have over- and under coolant for best performance and chip control. Add the support from plug and play adaptors and a stable, user-friendly clamping mechanism and you get CoroCut QD – a system to rely on.

CoroCut QD - The most reliable system for parting off


Steel turning endurance

GC4325 - first choice for steel turning

Ensuring same reliable performance time after time, in the most varying conditions – GC4325 is your first choice grade when turning steel.

Equipped with Inveio™, GC4325 and GC4315 are grades that bring endurance, predictability and long tool life to your steel turning operations.


GC4315 - Your option for high metal removal rate

When GC4325 reaches a limit in metal removal rate due to high speed and long time in cut, GC4315 will do the job.


GC3330 - first choice for cast iron milling

The new GC3330 is a versatile first choice grade that can be used in both dry and wet cast iron milling. Inveio™ gives the inserts endurance and wear resistance, perfect if you want inserts with long tool life and predictable wear.

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Rigid and rapid parting and grooving

With easily connected over- and under coolant on all tools, together with an extremely rigid and precise spring clamping mechanism, the updated CoroCut 1-2 now ensures truly secure and efficient parting and grooving.

CoroCut® 1-2



Solid carbide drills for stainless steel

With a higher cutting-speed capability, CoroDrill 860 provides an unbeatable combination of penetration rate and precision. This drill demonstrates the best process security on the market. Choose CoroDrill 860 for high-performance drilling in all ISO-M materials.

CoroDrill® 860


Now for deeper holes and larger diameters

When drilling deep holes – process security is the main focus. The cutting edges and the flute design of CoroDrill 870 allows for excellent chip evacuation, aiming for a secure and reliable process.

CoroDrill® 870


Quick change clamping units

Quick change reduces your time spent on measuring, set-up and tool change, allowing for improved machine utilization. These popular quick change clamping units now expand to cover a wider range of machine brands and interfaces.

Coromant Capto®


Face milling in stainless steel

Stainless steel milling often involves difficulties with chip formation, surface finish, tool life and productivity. To successfully overcome these kinds of challenges you need low cutting forces. The light cutting action of the new CoroMill 345 inserts gives you precisely that. In addition, this makes the cutter a good choice for weak fixtures and small-spindle machines, such as ISO 30.

CoroMill® 345


Versatile chamfer cutter

Most components require at least one chamfer operation. This makes frequent tool changes a potential problem, especially when machining small batches in different materials. With CoroMill 495, the same tool can perform multiple kinds of chamfering in several materials, ideal for keeping downtime low and machine utilization high.

CoroMill® 495


Tailor Made end mills for aluminium

Do you require a specific corner radius or have a component with features that are difficult to reach? With our new Tailor Made offer for CoroMill Plura cutters for ISO N materials you can easily customize solid end mills to fit your specific needs. Finding the perfect tool for your aluminium or thermoplastic component has never been easier.

CoroMill® Plura


Thread milling cutters

Our small thread milling cutters for internal threads are ideal when machining time-consuming, expensive components and secure performance is important. If you want threading with no risk of tap breakage or damaged components, these small thread milling cutters are the perfect choice for you.

CoroMill® Plura


New brazed PCD cutters

Milling cutters for edging in Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), common in the aerospace industry.

CoroMill® Plura



Tapping in multiple materials

CoroTap -XM is an easy to choose, multi-functional tapping solution for a wide range of materials. Depending on your demands, there are three different grade options to meet your requirements. All options are suitable for most materials and ensure great machine utilization.

CoroTap™ -XM


High-precision hydraulic chuck

CoroChuck 930 is now available with BIG-PLUS interface for machining centres. With the best pull-out security on the market this chuck is designed to eliminate vibration, aiming for excellent stability and accessibility in all milling and drilling operations. Covering all machine interfaces, CoroChuck 930 helps to maintain efficient production through quick and easy tool set-ups and changes. Available also Tailor Made.

CoroChuck™ 930


Automotive transmission in focus

Maximize efficiency and minimize production costs

Just like with any other big-volume production, factors such as security, rapid cycle times and high quality are important in transmission component manufacturing. However, objective number one is low total cost per component. To be able to support our customers in the best way possible, Sandvik Coromant has an ambition to continually develop our application knowledge to address future challenges. Our tooling solutions and application knowhow are created in a global collaboration with our customers to set a new standard in transmission manufacturing.



Bottle boring

No longer a bottleneck

One of the most challenging operations for the aerospace and oil and gas industries is bottle boring, also called chamber boring, with long overhang in large turning centres.
The challenge is to keep vibration low and cutting data high without frequent and long production disruptions. Sandvik Coromant offers a unique combination of technology-leading products working together to create a complete solution, and helping you exceed your productivity goal.

Oil and gas


Deep hole machining

New geometry for excellent chip formation

CoroDrill® 800 and CoroDrill® 801 new central insert L-geometry gives an excellent chip formation and evacuation.


Controlled vibration and safe machining

The new vibration damper helps to maintain stable production process, making it secure with a remote controlled adjustment unit.

Stock-standard program

Brazed carbide gun drills CoroDrill® A 428.91 are the basic choice when drilling deep in all materials. These user-friendly, regrindable drills require no pre-setting.


More introductions

General turning

CoroTurn® HP

Slim and flexible coolant connection kit



Tooling systems

Coromant EH modular system and CoroMill® 327

Integrated ER adaptors with improved design allowing use of standard ER- or mini-nuts.

Coromant Capto® clamping units

Extension of clamping units for Silent tools™ boring bars NC3000 round shank with centre bolt clamping.

Quick change tap adaptors Now available for ANSI-standard shanks

Rotating adaptors - ISO 9766 drill-adaptor extension



Tool kits

Start-up tool kits for new machines

To help you get started with your new machine, Sandvik Coromant offers 66 different start-up tool kits.

Included in the tool kits are the typical tools needed to be able to start machining.