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T-Max P Negative basic-shape inserts for high performance turning

T-Max® P is your first choice for general turning, stretching from small components to heavy machining. The inserts fit into all Sandvik Coromant high performance holding systems and can be used in a variety of applications in all materials. Geometries specifically designed for high pressure coolant are available for steel, stainless steel and HRSA materials. 



  • Dedicated grades and geometries for all applications and materials
  • Productive solution with wiper and Xcel technologies
  • Tools featuring high precision coolant for excellent chip breaking
  • Reliable and secure machining, even in roughing applications
  • Possibility to optimize by using damped Silent toolsTM



  • Double sided inserts with strong edges
  • Lever clamping for wet machining, RC-clamping for dry machining and short chip materials, Wedge clamp for improved accessibility
  • Precision nozzles and optimized geometries for high precision coolant machining



  • First choice for external turning
  • Internal turning of large diameter bores
  • Finishing to heavy roughing
  • Railway wheel turning
  • Bar peeling



​First choice insert recommendations

  External operations ​ ​
Insert shapeCCC
Insert size121216
Entering angle95o95o95o


  Internal operations ​ ​
Insert shapeCCC
Insert size121212
Entering angle95o95o95o


Learn more:

Insert size

Insert shape

Entering angle  


ISO application area



T-Max P holders with over – and under coolant for complete turning of new railway wheels. 

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​Insert grade recommendations

Machining conditions P M K S H
Good GC4315 GC2220 GC3210 GC1105 CB7015
Average GC4325 GC2025 GC3210 GC1115 CN7025
Difficult GC4335 GC2035 GC3225 GC1125 CB7525


Insert geometry recommendations

Operation P M K S H
Finishing -PF -MF -KF -SF S01030
Medium -PM -MM -KM -SM S01030
Roughing -PR -MR -KR -SMR S02035


Insert grade recommendations 

Geometry recommendations  


Tool holding

T-Max P lever clamping system uses negative, single or double-sided inserts for both external and internal machining. It has a pivoted lever, which tilts by adjusting the clamping screw. The lever forces the insert backwards into the pocket, locating the insert firmly against two sides.

The following tool holders are available:


The -PMC, -MMC and –SMC geometries are available in grades GC4325 and 4315 for steel, GC2025 for stainless steels and GC1115 for HRSA materials. They are designed to excel in combination with the CoroTurn HP holders. High precision coolant gives perfect point of impact for finish to medium machining.
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