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Tool logistics

​​Concern over capital costs forces examination of logistics
Tool logistics

In many manufacturing operations, up to 60 percent of the stock is never used, while around 15 percent of jobs fall behind schedule due to missing tools. Inadequate analysis of tool logistics is likely driving up your costs.

Unnecessarily high inventory levels exert a negative impact on your capital costs. Why would you want money in a drawer gathering dust? Wouldn’t it be better if the tools that are chronically in deficit somehow replaced the tools that are always in excess? If your tool logistics improved, the pressure on purchasing would decrease.

Inventory problems? If so, you are not the only one

Our studies show that even in highly competitive and technically advanced factories, tool inventory problems follow patterns that go ignored even as your company searches for productivity gains. We have seen cases of customers consuming their entire supply of a make-do tool when they should have ordered a replacement.

Taking control of inventory will save you both time and money. Our software and vending system handles these logistics problems in factories around the world. They keep track of which tools and what type of tools are being used and make sure that staffers get the right tool from the inventory.

Imagine the difference

On one level you have our AutoTAS software, which we help you install and program. When installed we can help you track and reach your logistic targets and propose changes in order to reduce and automate transaction and be even more lean in your logistics. The AutoTAS software keeps track of every registered tool in the inventory. It shows stock availability, high cost areas and what tools has been picked to what machine and/or component by whom. The program is open to any brand of tools and can be used as a standalone or integrated with our ordering system for swift order handling.

On a practical level AutoTAS also controls our vending solutions, which is either spiral–equipped, drawers with lids or just open shelves, depending on level of control required. The spirals provide one tool at the time. The drawers and lids can contain multiple quantities of a tool for the user to pick from. 

The system provides an inventory control which will enable you to optimize your inventory size and identify which tools are rarely used or not used at all.

Improving your tool logistics means improved process efficiency: reduced procurement costs, reduced machine downtime and reduced lead times at all stages.

Do you want more information on how to save time and money by taking control of your inventory? Please contact one of our logistics specialists. 


Open stock

Tool logistics


Digging for diamonds

Digging for diamonds

Sandvik Coromant teamed up with channel partner BDI to offer a Canadian diamond exploration drilling supplier a logistic solution they had been searching for.

A diamond-grade tool logistics system


A smart way of looking at productivity

A smart way of looking at productivity
Access the right tool, at the right place, at the right time. Taking control of your inventory will allow you to dramatically reduce stock and purchasing costs.
Explore the infographic on tool logisticsExplore the infographic on tool logistics
Cutting time is saving money

A Swedish hydraulic, air, gas and liquid applications manufacturer reduced stock values of tools by 40 percent using Sandvik Coromant Auto TAS software.

LISTA vending cabinet – an intelligent toolbox

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