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Take advantage of our broad perspective

Many industrial manufacturers want to raise their productivity but are afraid of wasting resources on projects that eat up time and capital without delivering measurable results. Productivity is one area that may offer a good potential return on investment.

The question is how to get the best return on investment while ensuring you have a good framework for future growth. Do you want advice on whether to invest in a new machine or keep the old one? Are you ready to confront bottlenecks? Perhaps you need to consider new materials or processes? Ask us. We can help you, since we deal with these issues all the time globally.

A British company was considering a new machine to make a new component. They asked us to do test simulations. We showed them that the component could actually be made on a machine they already had. It was just a question of new tooling. That advice saved them a great deal of money.
Solid experience

As a toolmaker, we are at the heart of manufacturing. Our skills and long experience from all kinds of industries give us authority to provide a broader perspective. Perhaps the service you need falls under the scope of our Productivity Improvement Program, which provides thorough analysis of the cutting process along with documentation and a plan that offers ready-to-go implementation. 

A Japanese aircraft parts producer wanted to reduce its energy usage. We helped the company replace two machines with one multitasking machine equipped. The company reduced its energy consumption by 43 percent because of the improved production method. The revamped process took less time and was more efficient.

Our service programme will reduce your cost per component. We often find that we can reduce cutting time and increase machine utilization. Make sure to take advantage of our broad offer.



Manufacturing economics for higher profitability
Production is usually the largest cost to a manufacturing company, making the choice of manufacturing strategies and technical production solutions crucial for the total profitability
Explore the infographic on manufacturing economicsExplore the infographic on manufacturing economics

The CoroPlus® portfolio contains several connected solutions made ready for Industry 4.0.

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Manufacturing economics

Find the balance

Our Manufacturing Economics Calculator helps you calculate the financial impact from an optimized process recommendation by Sandvik Coromant.

The Manufacturing Economics Calculator

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