Delivery services

Delivery services

Do you sometimes experience ...

  • Downtime in the machines due to delayed deliveries of tools?
  • Large tooling inventory to be on the safe side?

The importance of fast and reliable deliveries can never be underestimated. Even the smallest amount of downtime can cost a manufacturer heavily, and a long delay in receiving replacement tools just makes the situation worse.


What you can expect from us

  • Overnight delivery to most parts of the world
  • Quick access to the latest in production technology
  • Reduced warehousing space, equipment and handling costs
  • Less tied-up capital
  • Lower tooling and administration costs

With reliable and fast delivery service you can reduce, or eliminate, obsolescence, scrapping and return costs, and can quickly change to new and more productive tools.

Our global distribution centers house a full assortment of products plus the logistics to securely deliver them to where they’re needed when they’re needed.

Delivery services

Real life story:
Global store room (PDF)


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