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GC4325 and GC4315


GC4325 and GC4315
Groundbreaking insert grades ‒ Unbeatable steel-cutting performance

Test them now!

Order a 2-insert pack free of charge and see what GC4315 and GC4325 can do for you!

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Withstands the heat

GC4315 excels in steel-cutting applications that generate high temperatures. When other inserts reach a limit in metal removal rates due to high speed or long time in cut, GC4315 gets the job done.

Improving tool life and security (PDF)

GC4315 insert assortment


GC4315 runs the longest and with the greatest wear resistance compared to other steel-turning inserts.

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GC4315 GC43158 min
Competitor Competitor4 min
Competitor Competitor5 min
Competitor Competitor4 min
Competitor Competitor2 min
Competitor Competitor3 min
Competitor Competitor6 min
Competitor Competitor1 min
Competitor Competitor6 min
Competitor Competitor6 min

Test performed in the following conditions:
Continuous cut without emulsion, vc 190 m/min, ƒn 0.4 mm/r, ap 3 mm


Securing maximum output

Combining high cutting data with a proven tool life increase is the key to GC4325. It just keeps going and going in the most varying machining conditions, making it the reliable first choice insert for steel cutting.

GC4325 video thumbnail

GC4325: redefining the world of metal cutting

GC4325 insert assortment

The results couldn't be clearer.
GC4325 has more to give when other inserts reach the end of their life.

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GC4325 GC432519 min
Competitor Competitor16 min
Competitor Competitor15 min
Competitor Competitor9 min
Competitor Competitor18 min
Competitor Competitor9 min

Featuring Inveio

Insert strength, wear resistance, tool duration

A groundbreaking coating technology and the secret to the predictable performance of GC4325 and GC4315. The tightly packed uni-directional crystals of Inveio create a strong barrier towards the cutting zone and chip for high wear resistance and long tool life.

Download the Inveio white paper: 'Steel-turning endurance'

Visit 'Inveio knowledge'



The results to prove it

See how GC4315 and GC4325 perform against competitor inserts.

API pin end GC4315
Shaft GC4315
Ring gear GC4315
Rod GC4315
J-Slot mandrel GC4315
Hub GC4325
Flange GC4325
Differential gear GC4325
Flange GC4325
Shaft GC4325

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