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Combustion casing

Typically made from inconel or waspalloy, these most challenging of materials pose problems, not so much in the turning operations, but particularly with the amount of milling required in manufacturing this component and the large amounts of material to be removed.


Rough milling around a boss

For productive secure machining use CoroMill® 300 with a roll in programme combined with round inserts to reduce notch wear and allow high feed rates.

Read more about CoroMill 300

CoroMill 300


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​Helical ramping a hole from solid

Helical ramping of larger diameter holes with CoroMill® 300 provides the most secure and productive method here.

The cutting forces are much lower than drilling, which also struggles with the interrupted exit into the bore.  

Ramping down to 32 mm (1.260 in) hole diameter is possible and CoroMill 300 also comes with the advantage of Coromant Capto® coupling and through spindle coolant.

Read more about CoroMill 300

For best results, we recommend you contact your representative to get this right from the start.


Helical ramping


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Dramatic productivity increase with ceramic turn milling


To be successful with this type of application careful process planning is required. Unlike the conventional optimized method with carbide, ceramic face milling runs at a speed of 1000 m/min (3281 ft/min), removing the same amount of metal but 5 times faster.

For best results, follow the guidelines of our dedicated HRSA application guide.

Read more about our ceramic grades for HRSA


Ceramic ​Carbide
​Application ​Conventional/up milling Climb milling​
​Coolant ​Dry ​Wet
​Insert ​RNGN 120700 E 6060 ​CM300-1204E-MM 2040
​Cutting speed, vc m/min (ft/min) ​1000
Diameter, D3 mm (in)​ ​63
​Spindle speed, rpm 5052 152
Feed rate, fz mm/tooth​ (in/tooth) ​0.1
​Number of teeth, Zn 4​ ​6
​Depth of cut, AP mm (in) ​1.5
​Radial immersion, ae mm (in) 35​
​Metal removal rate, Q cm3/min (in3/min) ​106
​Tool life, TL mins ​4 ​25
Total material removed, Qt cm3​ (in3) 424​


Ceramic milling

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​The complete modern hole making solution

Drill with CoroDrill® 846

The latest development in solid carbide drill technology with geometry optimized for HRSA offers a high number of drilled holes with security and low axial cutting forces.


Finish bore with Plura end mill

Circular interpolation is a fast and secure method, one tool can finish a wide range of hole diameters reducing tool inventory.


Chamfer with Coromant Capto CoroTurn XS

This tool replaces inflexible special tools and can even be used for all de-burring and not just holes.


Chamfering of holes with CoroTurn XS

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Finish profile milling - walls and bores

Utilise high speed machining techniques- shallow radial cuts and high axial cuts, for productive semi and finish milling. CoroMill® Plura with 50 degree helix in grade GC1620 is optimized for this application.



Grade GC1105 – designed for the challenge of super alloy machining 

GC1105 provides secure, reliable, quality machining, even flank wear and is truly versatile in all application areas.
  • Reliability in intermediate stage machining through superior notch wear resistance in combination with good edge line toughness.
  • Guaranteed accurate high quality performance in last stage machining provided by our razor sharp, ground inserts and our state of the art thin coating, with excellent adhesion.
Precision machining with GC1105

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