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Automotive engineering solutions

Partnering with automobile manufacturers around the world for over 70 years, Sandvik Coromant provides tools and in-depth application know-how for most components in all vehicle types and sizes—from motorcycles to heavy trucks. With a strong foothold in R&D and good relationships with both customers and machine builders, ​we have the most complete offer in our industry.

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The automotive industry is characterized by high-volume production in purpose-built manufacturing plants with a high degree of optimization and automation. Quality control and component delivery control are a ​priority with the main focus is on controlling costs and a high degree of planned output.

As the industry becomes more advanced, the demand on faster R&D increases. New materials require new tools and innovative ways of working with applications. However, the more advanced manufacturing becomes, the more difficult it is for companies to keep all skills in-house. This opens the door for new partnerships and cooperation between manufacturers, tool makers, machine makers, universities and research centers bringing new innovations and knowledge exchange throughout the industry.

Globally, Sandvik Coromant works with more than 70 external competence centers, universities and institutes. Many universities have variety of industry experts with whom we like to do research. Some of the ongoing external research projects relate to:

  • alloy development
  • application development
  • development of new calculation and simulation techniques
  • material modeling

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