Stamping die manufacture

The world is changing. New cars are finding new customers in different parts of the world requiring a variety of modern and more personal car models. Car manufacturers are introducing new models faster and the car model lifecycle shortens.

This situation demands reduced lead-times and cost cutting in the production of stamping dies for the sheet metal forming for car chassis. Let us help you optimize your machining of stamping dies to meet the demands of tomorrow! 

Stamping dies



Maximum cost efficiency guaranteed with new CoroMill 365. Perfect for roughing and semi-finishing where large volumes need to be removed in a short time.

Milling block and head



Investing in a quality turned surface pays dividends in later HPT operations. Get shaft and gear turning off to the best possible start with CoroTurn TR and grade GC4225.


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Let's work together to pay off your machine, much faster.

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