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Please select your country! Creators: Creating InvoMilling the naysayers wrong up for innovative manufacturingBritish the Proving Factory saw the potential of InvoMilling 1.0 higher learning cake



Heptagonal Innovation/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Technology/Tech_CoroMill745_01.jpg InnovationChallenge: would you like to benefit from cost-efficient, double-sided face milling inserts while skipping the problems related to negative cutting action? Solution: try out the new, innovative cutter concept, which combines the economy of double-sided inserts with light, positive cutting action.CoroMillTechnology
Absolute Precision/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Inside Manufacturing/IM_AWFraser_06.jpg PrecisionAchieving profitability in small runs.In a corner of Christchurch, New Zealand, bronze engineering company AW Fraser turns 100 tons of recycled metal scrap a week—shell casings, copper pipe, car radiators, cable off-cuts—into shiny precision-machined OEM components. CoroCut;Coromant CaptoInside metal cuttingNew Zealand
Peeking Inside the Head/SiteCollectionImages/stories/T_CleanFace/T_CleanFace_pic1.jpg Inside the HeadThe Sandvik Coromant M5B90 is designed with a unique axial and radial positioning of the inserts, which allows each insert to instantly cut chips efficiently without any insert adjustments. Meet the creator who came up with the idea for a more effective cylinder head production in the video above. Automotive;CoroMillInside metal cuttingFrance
Brave New Material World/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Innovation/INN_liningyao5.jpg New Material WorldLining Yao takes inspiration from nature. Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of gadgets and objects that surround you? What if you had just a few things that performed lots of different functions? Lining Yao and her fellow researchers in the United States are working on making that a reality.InnovationUnited States
Makers Moving Further/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Inspiration/INS_maker_02.jpg Moving FurtherThe best way to get something done – do it yourselfThe Maker Movement is the perfect blend of handicraft, innovation, a tool shop and all things digital—in short, a product of the times. Inspiration
The Creators: Creating InvoMilling/SiteCollectionImages/stories/technology/T_InvoMilling_2.jpg Creators: Creating InvoMillingWhat constitutes a creative mind? When it comes to innovation, a passion to develop is the driving force. For Stefan Scherbarth of Sandvik Coromant, this passion led to the InvoMilling technology. InnovationGermany

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