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On the edge/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Technology/Tech_GC1130_01.jpg the edgeChallenge: To solve tool life and production security issues associated with chipping, flaking and thermal cracking in milling operations. Solution: The new GC1130 milling grade offers major improvements in substrate/coating adhesion and cutting edge integrity due to its fine-grained high-chromium substrate and Zertivo™ technology-based PVD coating.Technology
Flying the eco-friendly skies/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Inspiration/INS_JetBlue_01.jpg the eco-friendly skiesThrough small measures, both in the air and on the ground, Sophia Mendelsohn has become a key figure in the airline sector for bringing corporate social responsibility and sustainability into daily operations. RecyclingInspirationUnited States
Age of transformation/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Inspiration/INS_RobotBuilders_01.jpg of transformationIt might seem an unlikely career shift, but a group of farmers in Zhangqiu, China, have started to build robots out of car parts and scraps. And they’re winning clients. RecyclingInspirationChina
Getting creative with turning/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Technology/Tech_CoroTurn300_01.jpg creative with turningChallenge: How to make the most of new technology and concepts in turning. Solution: Consider Sandvik Coromant's completely new and groundbreaking solutionCoroTurnTechnology
"This is impressive!"/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Inside Manufacturing/IM_A-dec_07.jpg"This is impressive!"Cutting a seemingly small hole with a CoroMill Plura® heavy duty (HD) helped U.S. dental equipment company, A-dec, realize a large improvement of 253 percent in tool life. Inside metal cuttingUnited States
Layer cake/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Innovation/INN_3DCar_01.jpg cakeThe world’s first 3D-printed car from Local Motors is not just a new way of manufacturing. It also provides us a glimpse into the future of the automotive industry. This car would be customized to meet customer demands at a higher pace of production.AutomotiveInnovationUnited States

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