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Just add ink/SiteCollectionImages/stories/INN_AdInk/INN_AddInk_pic1.jpg add inkInnovation. What was considered pure science fiction a decade ago is a technology anyone in manufacturing has to relate to today. For some, additive manufacturing is a threat to their processes; for others, it’s the holy grail.Innovation
Keeping a clean face/SiteCollectionImages/stories/T_CleanFace/T_CleanFace_pic1.jpg a clean faceChallenge: How to have a stable and burr-free face milling machining process with predictable insert tool life. solution: Employ the Sandvik Coromant M 5B90 for predictable tool life.CoroMillTechnology
Rewriting the rules the rulesDehradun, India. When oilfield equipment manufacturer Sara Sae wanted to step up its business, the company brought in its supplier Sandvik Coromant, which led to intriguing results. Inside metal cuttingIndia
Intelligent groove machining/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Technology/T_IntelligentGroove_1.jpg groove machiningMachining seal-ring grooves is part of the hectic production schedules in manufacturing of components for oil and gas production. With high functional security norms, American Petroleum Institute (API) grooves are made in Inco cladding, stainless steel, steel and even solid Inco alloys to precise tolerances and surface finish.Oil;GasTechnology
The final frontier/SiteCollectionImages/stories/INS_FinalFrontier/INS_FinalFrontier_pic1.jpg final frontierInspiration. Man isn't far from conquering the great black. The limits are cost, technique and the people willing to go on a one-way ride to space. AerospaceInnovation
Sonic Boom/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Inspiration/INS_Teenage_1.jpg BoomInspiration. They might not be teenagers anymore, but the spirit of youth is embedded in the backbone of the Swedish company Teenage Engineering. The company’s first product, a synthesizer, is a result of the group’s philosophy and playfulness.InspirationSweden