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"This is impressive!"/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Inside Manufacturing/IM_A-dec_07.jpg"This is impressive!"Cutting a seemingly small hole with a CoroMill Plura® heavy duty (HD) helped U.S. dental equipment company, A-dec, realize a large improvement of 253 percent in tool life. United States
Layer cake/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Innovation/INN_3DCar_01.jpg cakeThe world’s first 3D-printed car from Local Motors is not just a new way of manufacturing. It also provides us a glimpse into the future of the automotive industry. This car would be customized to meet customer demands at a higher pace of production.AutomotiveInnovationUnited States
Get a grip/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Inspiration/INS_KaiLin_05.jpg a gripIndustrial designer Kai Lin wants to improve people’s lives with his designs. His latest project is a prosthetic leg for amputee rock climbers. He takes his inspiration from the best climbers in the world – mountain goats. InspirationUnited States
Turbo cutter/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Technology/T_TurboCharger_1.jpg cutterThe turbocharger, essentially a gas-driven turbine rotating at more than 300,000 rpm, makes a vehicle’s engine run cleaner and more efficiently by compressing a large volume of ambient air for combustion.AutomotiveTechnology
Turning ideas into innovation/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Technology/T_InterviewSilentTools_2.jpg ideas into innovationIdeas drive industry forward. Even a decades-old product can be continually developed and turned into the innovation of tomorrow.Silent ToolsTechnologyNorway
Valve seat challenge/SiteCollectionImages/stories/Technology/T_ValveSeat _1.jpg seat challengeThe extreme conditions at the bottom of the ocean pose major challenges for the oil and gas industry and for the manufacturers producing the high-tolerance equipment required. Oil;GasTechnology

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