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sandvik center 2014-10-23

Sandvik Coromant center opens its doors as part of $27 million investment

On October 8, 2014, after two years of construction, Sandvik Coromant opened its new global meeting place in Sandviken, Sweden. The 4,500 square meter “Sandvik Coromant Center” is one of the world’s largest centers for productivity, application, machining and research in manufacturing. This is part of a $27 million investment that will also cover the opening of a new center in Langfang, Beijing, China.

steel truning grades 2014-10-08

Transmission manufacturing with steel turning grades GC4325 and GC4315

With new technological developments, emerging on the automotive horizon, manufacturers are faced with extremely high demands in terms of quality, security and productivity. The new Sandvik Coromant grades GC4315 and GC4325 with Inveio™ are designed to support the automotive industry with outstanding reliability and process security.


Looking ahead to the next industrial revolution

When the steam engine was first introduced in England in 1712, many shook their heads and argued that it was too expensive and a waste of time compared to hydropower. When the steam engine – now considered to be the invention that kicked off the first industrial revolution – proved to be more flexible and productive than hydropower, the skeptics were left behind. Of course, the old adage applied then as it does now: Adapt, or die.

corocut qd 2014-10-01

Secure machining of deep internal grooves

The recently introduced CoroCut® QD concept for deep external grooving and parting off from Sandvik Coromant, now adds internal machining to the application range of these secure and reliable tools.

corodrill 808 2014-09-23

CoroDrill® 808 – Intelligent deep hole machining

Sandvik Coromant is now launching a powerful deep hole machining concept for the STS system – CoroDrill® 808. Among its many features, this product is equipped with optimized pad design for good hole finish, unique edge preparation for increased chip breaking and a reinforced periphery insert corner for added security and reliability. Suitable for diameters from 15.60 to 65.00 mm (0.614−2.559 inch) and tolerance demands of IT 9, CoroDrill 808 is capable of producing perfect holes, regardless of the component material.

corocut qd 2014-03-03

CoroCut QD – Secure and efficient parting off with plug and play coolant

On March 3rd, CoroCut QD – the reliable system from Sandvik Coromant for deep grooves and parting off with long overhangs expands the offer of inserts and durable tools with over and under coolant. The system is supported with plug and play adaptors for easy handling and efficient coolant supply.

gc3330 cast iron milling 2014-02-18

Grade GC3330 leads the way for cast iron milling

Sandvik Coromant takes cast iron milling to a new level on March 3rd when the insert grade GC3330 is introduced.

inveio 2014-02-04

Inveio™ – setting the standard for steel turning and cast iron milling

On March 3rd Sandvik Coromant introduces new insert grades for steel turning and cast iron milling with Inveio; the technical breakthrough in material science that provides inserts with exceptional wear resistance and tool life.


Greater flexibility from new heads, cutters and integrated tool holders with exchangeable head coupling

On October 1st Sandvik Coromant will expand its exchangeable-head (EH) system to include a wide assortment of solid carbide heads, indexable milling cutters, boring heads, integrated machine adapters and different shanks.


CoroCut QD a new deep grooving and parting off system

On October 1st Sandvik Coromant introduces a brand new parting off concept for deep grooves and long overhangs.


Grade GC4325 brings a new generation of performance to steel turning

On October 1st Sandvik Coromant introduces GC4325, a new-generation coated cemented carbide grade for steel turning.


CoroDrill 870 exchangeable-tip drill now even available for stainless steel

From October 1st, the recently launched CoroDrill 870 for steel and cast iron drilling will now be available for stainless steel. CoroDrill 870 is part of a new generation of exchangeable-tip drills and is designed to save time and reduce hole costs.


Sandvik Coromant continues the dialog on industrial trends

June 19th marks the world premiere of the second Sandvik Coromant trend film “A look ahead at hyperspecialization and the talent mismatch.”

new advanced nozzle technology optimizes the use of coolant 2013-03-18

New advanced nozzle technology optimizes the use of coolant

Accurate targeting of coolant during machining gives maximum effect in chip evacuation. However precision and pressure are two equally important aspects of coolant. A high precision coolant requires lower pressure. The higher the pressure, the more demanding applications can be machined with excellent results.

sandvik coromant introduces a new multi-edge rough face milling cutter 2013-03-04

Sandvik Coromant introduces a new multi-edge rough face milling cutter

Sandvik Coromant introduces CoroMill 357; a new tough multi-edge face milling cutter for roughing and cubing in steel and cast iron with high insert security.