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Guinness World Record™ to be Broken at International Manufacturing Technology Show

New Record Will Represent the Impact of Manufacturing on the U.S. Economy


Troublesome Titanium - Tips on machining this tough material

Titanium machinability is reputed to be very poor, making it even more important to carefully consider key tooling and machining practices when looking at titanium components. Read more in these 8 important facts about machining titanium.


Solutions for increased productivity in operations requiring longer tool reach

Overhang results in vibration, which can be countered by light cutting and an optimized tool approach. But whenever a tool enters a bore, it is subjected to deflection forces, resulting in vibration. Challenges of long overhang operations can be countered, however, with six simple steps.

tony hawk 2014-07-28

Turning ideas into innovation

The Sandvik Coromant innovation group is constantly looking for ideas, good or bad, to turn into innovations. This mindset is similar to that of skateboarders of the 1950s as well as skateboard superstar Tony Hawk.

coroturn® hp 2014-07-17

CoroTurn® HP – Slim and flexible coolant connection kit

Connection kit for shanks or solid boring bars. Slim design on hose and fittings for flexibility. To be ordered as complete kit in specified tube lengths or as separate parts.


Five tips for more secure parting off operations

Process security is a key element of any parting off operation as this usually is one of the last operations of machining specific components. These five essential tips for better parting off will help avoid machine downtime and scrapped material.


Tailor Made end mills for aluminum

Do you require a specific corner radius or have a component with features that are difficult to reach? With our new Tailor Made offer for CoroMill Plura cutters for ISO N materials you can easily customize solid end mills to fit your specific needs. Finding the perfect tool for your aluminum or thermoplastic component has never been easier.


Now for deeper holes and larger diameters

Our existing CoroDrill 870 offer is now extended to include exchangeable-tip drills for deeper holes and larger diameters. Process security is the main focus when drilling deep holes. The cutting edges and the flute design of CoroDrill 870 allow for excellent chip evacuation, achieving a secure and reliable process.


High-precision hydraulic chuck

CoroChuck™ 930 is now available with BIG-PLUS interface for machining centers. With the best pull-out security on the market this chuck is designed to eliminate vibration, aiming for excellent stability and accessibility in all milling and drilling operations.

coromill plura 2014-06-10

Thread milling cutters

Our small thread milling cutters for internal threads are ideal when machining time-consuming, expensive components and secure performance is important. If you want threading with no risk of tap breakage or damaged components, these small thread milling cutters are the perfect choice for you.

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