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Tailor Made end mills for aluminum

Do you require a specific corner radius or have a component with features that are difficult to reach? With our new Tailor Made offer for CoroMill Plura cutters for ISO N materials you can easily customize solid end mills to fit your specific needs. Finding the perfect tool for your aluminum or thermoplastic component has never been easier.


Sandvik Coromant to donate $1 to Workshops for Warriors for each pound of recycled carbide

Sandvik Coromant (Fair Lawn, NJ) is proud to announce a carbide recycling campaign to benefit Workshop for Warriors (WFW). During the months of July, August and September, $1 will be donated to Workshops for Warriors for each pound of recycled carbide received. Sandvik Coromant is honored to support this non-profit organization that trains, certifies and places veterans of the US Armed Services in manufacturing careers.


Now for deeper holes and larger diameters

Our existing CoroDrill 870 offer is now extended to include exchangeable-tip drills for deeper holes and larger diameters. Process security is the main focus when drilling deep holes. The cutting edges and the flute design of CoroDrill 870 allow for excellent chip evacuation, achieving a secure and reliable process.


High-precision hydraulic chuck

CoroChuck™ 930 is now available with BIG-PLUS interface for machining centers. With the best pull-out security on the market this chuck is designed to eliminate vibration, aiming for excellent stability and accessibility in all milling and drilling operations.

coromill plura 2014-06-10

Thread milling cutters

Our small thread milling cutters for internal threads are ideal when machining time-consuming, expensive components and secure performance is important. If you want threading with no risk of tap breakage or damaged components, these small thread milling cutters are the perfect choice for you.

corodrill 860 2014-06-02

Solid carbide drills for stainless steel

CoroDrill 860 is a solid carbide drill optimized for drilling in stainless steel. With a higher cutting-speed capability, it provides an unbeatable combination of penetration rate and precision. This drill demonstrates the best process security on the market. Choose CoroDrill 860 for high-performance drilling for all ISO-M materials.

coromill-495 2014-05-26

Versatile chamfer cutter

Most components require at least one chamfer operation. This makes frequent tool changes a potential problem, especially when machining small batches in different materials. With CoroMill 495, the same tool can perform multiple kinds of chamfering on several materials—ideal for keeping downtime low and machine utilization high.


Sandvik Coromant at Mfg4: Sponsoring Education

Jay Gendreau, Joe McNamara, JoAnn Mitchell, Ron Talarico and Greg Valliere joined over 3,000 attendees at the Mfg4 exhibition at the Hartford Connecticut Convention Center on May 6-8, 2014.

coromill-345 2014-05-14

Face milling in stainless steel

Stainless steel milling often involves difficulties with chip formation, surface finish, tool life and productivity. To successfully overcome these kinds of challenges, you need low cutting forces. The light cutting action of the new CoroMill 345 inserts gives you precisely that. In addition, this makes the cutter a good choice for weak fixtures and small-spindle machines, such as ISO 30.

parting grooving 2014-05-02

Everything you need for parting and grooving

Did you know that Sandvik Coromant offers the largest standard assortment of parting and grooving tools available on the market today? See what they can do for you.

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