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CoroTurn 107 For internal turning and external turning of slender components

CoroTurn® 107 is the First Choice for external and internal machining of small, long, and slender components. Sharp cutting edges and excellent chip control ensure a soft cutting action and low cutting forces, providing an excellent surface finish to the component. Geometries designed for high-pressure coolant is also available.


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  • Improved chip control
  • Low cutting forces
  • Excellent edge strength





  • 7º clearance angle
  • Screw clamping ensures stability and unobstructed chip flow
  • Insert geometries and grades for all materials
  • Wiper geometries available for high feeds and excellent surface finish
  • Holders and insert geometries with conventional and CoroTurn HP design



Internal operations:

  • Long overhangs, 4–6 × D
  • Longitudinal turning and profiling
  • Boring holes, from Ø 6 mm

External operations:

  • Small and slender or thin-walled components
  • Longitudinal turning, facing, and profiling


The holders with high-precision nozzles improve chip control. The -PMC, -MMC, and -SMC insert geometries are designed to increase tool life in combination with these holders.


ISO application area

​ ​​


External operations

 Longitudinal and face turningProfiling
Insert shapeCCCD​D
Insert size91216*11​11
Entering angle95o95o95o93o​93o


Internal operations

 Longitudinal and facingProfiling
Insert shapeTTTD
Insert size05090607
Entering angle91o91o91o93o
Diameter, mm (inch) 6–13 ≥ 13.58.5–15≥ 13


Learn more:

Insert size

Insert shape

Entering angle


Insert grade recommendations

Machining conditions P M K N S H
Good GC4315 GC2220 GC3210 H10 GC1105 CB7015
Average GC4325 GC2025 GC3210 H10 GC1115 CN7025
Difficult GC4335 GC2035 GC3225 H10 GC1125 CB7525


Insert geometry recommendations

Operation P M K N S H
Finishing -PF -MF -KF -AL (H10) -UM (G) S01020
Medium -PM -MM -KM -UM (G) -MF S01020
Roughing -PR -MR -KR -UM (M) -MM S01530


Insert grade information 

Insert geometry information


Tool holding


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