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How we work with you

How we work with you

One of the best ways to share and gain knowledge is to collaborate with others. We do it constantly, both globally and locally, with partner companies, institutes, schools, universities and customers. By working together we drive continuous improvement and progress and at the same time meet the manufacturing challenges of today and the future.


To succeed as a company we believe you need a drive that embodies the passion to never settle, to push boundaries, to always want to find out more. We believe that research is the heart and soul of a company. Thus we invest twice as much in research and development as other companies in the industry do.

Our research and development team comprises more than 500 people working at several aresearch and testing facilities around the world. Our patent portfolio holds more than 520 patent families, and each year we add an additional 30 to 40 new patents. We also add some 2,500 new products to the market every year as well as new machining methods and machining concepts that reflect the demands and challenges of new materials and the industry.

We believe that breakthroughs happen when working in close collaboration with machine tool makers such as DMG Mori Seiki, Doosan and others, machining tool agents, together with partners at institutes such as the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center in Sheffield, England, and with our customers across a wide range of industries.

In Beijing, China, the Joint Laboratory of Advanced Machining Technology in Aerospace Industry, established by Beihang University and Sandvik Coromant GCR, aims to cultivate trained and qualified engineers and provide total solutions for customers.


Knowledge and knowledge sharing are true enablers of future success. That’s why we focus on sharing industry application knowledge with customers, partners and students in as many ways as possible. Globally we cooperate with more several external competence centres, universities and institutes. We offer training programmes worldwide at our Sandvik Coromant Centers, at your facilities and through the world’s first comprehensive e-learning programme for metalworking skills, a course that many universities have built into their curriculum. We are facing a massive skills gap in the manufacturing industry. By sharing our knowledge and collaborating with other players we hope to inspire a new generation. That’s our commitment to our industry and society.


Without our customers we wouldn’t be anything. That’s why we have a constant and close collaboration with so many of our customers. Our aim is to understand your business to the core so that we can create solutions and products that are as unique as your individual needs, if you are a business with a handful employees or a multinational giant.

We believe in sharing our expertise, and we believe in understanding yours. Many times we have created tailored solutions that have become part of our standard offering. Our technologies and our teams are always available, wherever you are in the world, and we look into continual improvements at every stage of your production in order to advance you beyond your competition. A former Sandvik Coromant president often said that if we were producing pens, the pen would be our product but what we would really offer you is the art of writing. That is what we believe and how we work.

Collaboration benefits

We are present in 150 countries. That means that somewhere someone is always awake, reaching out, visiting you, hosting you, collaborating with you. Working together we all benefit.

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