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Research and development

Research and development

Research and development is the heart and soul of our company. And we invest more money in this area than any other company in the metalworking industry.

Our global Research and Development team consists of more than 500 people. Our patent portfolio holds more than 520 patent families. Each year we add a further 100-150 new patents. Often deeply embedded in the R&D process of our customers, we focus on tomorrow’s demands in finding new materials, new machining methods and machining concepts. Lightweight materials such as special alloys, Graphene as well as new machining methods like additive and cryogenic machining are just a few examples of where we are focusing to prepare our customers for future challenges.

Some 60 research and testing facilities work in close cooperation with machine tool manufacturers, machining tool agents and customers across a wide range of industries in order to offer you the machine investment support you need.

Setting new standards

Not only does our research lead to new products and solutions as well as more effective applications. We also set new standards. The ISO 26623 standard for tool holding systems is a result of our R&D. So are the ISO inserts and the ISO 13399 standard for simplifying the exchange of data for cutting tools between different systems like e.g. CAD, CAM, CAE and PDM/EDM.

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