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Future challenges

What are your future challenges?

Our ability to act early and quickly on trends in today's competitive landscape is essential. Insights and knowledge about our constantly changing world is a real key to business success. By realizing tomorrow's challenges today we can formulate a strategic roadmap to find a faster way to the future.

We hope you will share these insights with us and enjoy this Looking Ahead video. Feel free to share your thoughts on the trends you see and the business challenges you are facing ahead.


Read more about trends in the metalcutting industry

Beyond the giants

Will future windmills look the way they always have? Think kites, fluttering panels and flying islands with enormous arms.

Aviation goes green

Aircraft engines need to get greener. Does the answer lie in revolutionary propulsion systems?

Cars on the scale

Carbon fiber-based composite materials are expected to play a key role in the search for lighter cars, despite huge challenges in production.


What inspires us at the moment:


Gnarly Metal
One thing that's a given is the insatiable need to go faster, further, harder and higher. Follow the test of a new design that could change the game for slope style riders forever.



Additive layer manufacturing technology
How do we form components of tomorrow? Have a deeper look at the laser sintering technology for generative layer manufacturing.


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