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Future trends in manufacturing

​A look ahead at hyperspecialization and the talent mismatch

The way we work and employ our workforce is continuously evolving. In this Looking Ahead, experts talk about everything from talent mismatch to employment outsourcing, the age of hyperspecialization, and the many challenges and opportunities that employers will face.


Leaving the legacy behind

Tammy Johns, CEO of Strategy & Talent Corporation, explains how technology is becoming the driving force behind change, challenges and opportunities in employment within a misunderstood manufacturing industry.



​The value of knowledge

Professor Thomas W. Malone of MIT Sloan School of Management, discusses the need to measure business performance through knowledge rather than productivity, and how new technologies can help drive this shift in mindset.



​Learning on demand

John Jacobsen, Senior Manager at Sandvik Coromant Academy, and JoAnn Mitchell, Senior Project Leader at Sandvik Coromant, discuss how collaborative, cross-generational and open learning on demand management is crucial to accelerating the manufacturing industry.



​Optimizing skill and knowledge

Mikael Lövblad, Business Intelligence at Sandvik, explains how to best utilize skills and knowledge to be effective, and the different paths you can take in getting there.

Hats off to cooperation

"How do we attract tomorrow's brilliant minds and ensure we sharpen the competitive edge of manufacturing?"

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