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Our history

Sandvik Coromant history

- Solving big problems together. Since 1942.

What once began in a modest shop in Sandviken, Sweden, has over time transformed into a global industry leader. At the very core of our DNA lies a passion for engineering and pushing boundaries, always in close relation with our customers. It´s been a part of our culture since 1942, and will continue for years to come. It´s our heritage and here is where we would like to make you part of it by giving you an insight into our innovations, our timeline and those moments that together make up the heart and soul of a company.

Our innovations

We have relentlessly been solving problems side by side with our customers around the world. This has led to innovations that have changed the industry.

Learn more about our breakthroughs


Want to get an overview of what happened when in Sandvik Coromant history? We´ll guide you through time from 1942 to present day in our timeline.

See what happened through the years

Our moments

Being part of the Mont Blanc tunnel excavation, setting up grinding stations and setting a world record – it’s all these moments, that make up the history of a company.

Take part of our historical moments

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