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Company facts

Company facts

Sandvik Coromant is born out of the Sandvik Group, and our heritage is steel. But our very own history begins in 1942, when Wilhelm Haglund was appointed president of a small carbide metal division in Sandviken, Sweden. Who knew that 70 years later our tools would be used all over the world in the manufacturing of products as diverse as aeroplanes, smart phones and beverage cans?

Today, Sandvik Coromant is the world’s leading supplier of tools and know-how to the metalworking industry. Throughout the years we have contributed to the industry with new products, solutions and methods that have improved processes and ways of thinking. Extensive investments in R&D as well as close collaboration with our customers and other partners has allowed Sandvik Coromant to create unique innovations that are driving industry standards into the next industrial era. Together with our customers we develop tooling solutions and machining knowledge that change, lead and drive the future of manufacturing.

A knowledge provider

At Sandvik Coromant we are always aware of the footprints we ­– and our industry – leave behind. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are very important to our organization, and we always strive to work towards a more sustainable future on both a global and a local level.

Sandvik Coromant is involved with a number of educational institutions and organizations across the globe to continue the advancement of industry knowledge and education. One example is the Wilhelm Haglunds Gymnasium, a technical upper secondary School in Gimo, Sweden, that provides students with three years of technical education within disciplines such as engineering, IT and research and development. Another is the Sandvik Coromant Centre for Machinist Technology, which opened at the Canadian Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2008. This facility increased the school’s capacity for training machinist apprentices. Sandvik Coromant is also engaged in various R&D projects at the Swedish Chalmers University of Technology Materials and Manufacturing Technology and Applied Mechanics, in addition to providing an extensive e-learning programme.


We believe in partnerships and sharing expertise and knowledge, and we have collaborations with our customers and partners in industries such as automotive and aerospace in all markets. Sandvik Coromant is a member of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in the UK, working with the centre’s partners: Boeing, Rolls-Royce and the University of Sheffield. Sandvik Coromant has also partnered with the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing as one of its originating industry members, as well as the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology and the Manufacturing Technology Center in the United States.

Quick facts

Close to the customer: Sandvik Coromant is currently represented in more than 150 countries.
Constant product launches: On average Sandvik Coromant introduces 6 new products to the market every day.
Number of employees: Sandvik Coromant has approximately 7,900 employees worldwide.
Knowledge hub: Sandvik Coromant has more than 20 centres worldwide that offer customers, distributors, employees, educators and students theory-based training, courses, seminars and live demonstrations.
Online training: Among its e-learning courses Sandvik Coromant offers Metalcutting Technology Training; some 35,000 users are registered for the programme.
Innovative giants: Sandvik Coromant has more than 520 patents in its portfolio today.
Always on: Sandvik Coromant offers 24-hour delivery around the globe on standard products.
Certified excellence: Sandvik Coromant has received certification for international standards such as the ISO 26623 standard for tool-holding systems as well as the ISO inserts, around which an industry-leading recycling programme was created, along with the ISO 13399 standard.

Our presidents

Wilhelm Haglund1942 - 1953
Sven Wirfelt1953 - 1967
Lars Ivar Hising1967 - 1974
Olof Axell1974 - 1980
Clas Åke Hedström1980 - 1994
Lars Pettersson1994 - 2000
Anders Thelin2000 - 2004
Kenneth V. Sundh2005-2009 and 2011
Tom Erixon2009 - 2011
Klas Forsström2011 - 2017
Nadine Crauwels2017 - present

Management systems approvals

Sandvik Coromant holds certificates for the internationally recognized standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Our management systems cover the areas of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety and supports us in the care for our customers, employees and our planet.

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ISO 45001 View/Download

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