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Shaping the future together.

Sandvik Coromant by the numbers

Engineering: It’s the lifeblood of society. Developing, changing, molding and evolving our everyday lives. In a world where we see increased prosperity, population growth and rising consumption speeds; challenges will arise for economic growth and sustainability in equal measure. Simply said, the speed of change will never be this slow again. New opportunity awaits, we are entering the future of manufacturing and we want you to join us.

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In fact, the only thing that’s been constant in manufacturing has been the constant change, and yet, it remains a critical element of global wealth and development. What we demand today is not the same as it was ten… five… or even a year ago. Engineering and technology are continuously challenging our perception of what is possible.

The move towards digitization will put new demands on companies as they adapt to new technologies and prepare a new generation of engineers. We work with you to equip your employees with the latest technical knowledge, allowing your business to solve even the most complex problems and stay ahead of the competition. That’s what we call collaboration on an industrial scale.

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The speed of change will never be this slow again

We see manufacturing as a holistic process. Whether your road to higher productivity goes via new machining methods, programming and simulations, intelligent tool library softwares or machine investments, we will support that journey every step of the way with our expertise while ensuring that we will never stop learning and developing—keeping you one step ahead.

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Our patent portfolio holds more than 1800 patents. And each year we add a further 100-150 new patents

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We’ve been working on it since 1942

Since the start in 1942 we have been driven by a determination to solve your business problems together with you. Your challenges have led to the evolution of an abundance of innovations that have changed the world.

Discover our heritage
  • 1942Sandvik Coromant is founded in 1942. The name is a merger of the word corona – the sun’s brightly shining atmosphere – and “diamant,” the Swedish word for diamond – the hardest material known to man
  • 1957In 1957, Sandvik Coromant adopts the concept of “throw-away-inserts” and develops the indexable-insert as we know it today.
  • 1969In 1969, Heat-resistant Gamma Coating is introduced as a grade, revolutionizing turning, milling and drilling with previously unmatched metal cutting performance.
  • 1971In 1971, Sandvik Coromant launches its unique Multi Service concept, allowing for unprecedented customer support by sales-engineers, specialists, and training-managers, many in our familiar yellow coats.
  • 1990In 1990, Sandvik Coromant introduces one of its signature offers, Coromant Capto. This modular tooling system, based on a unique tapered-polygon coupling, provides new and efficient means to organize and combine tooling, while considerably reducing tool-changing time. Today, this system is recognized as an ISO standard.
  • 2008In 2008, Sandvik Coromant acquires its long-time partner and developer of the unique anti-vibration tool under the trademark Silent Tools. These damping adaptors allow for a more secure and vibration free process with close tolerances, excellent surface finish and higher metal removal rate.
  • 2013Inveio coating technology is introduced through groundbreaking R&D in 2013. Sandvik Coromant researchers discovered that it is possible to control coating crystals at an atomic level to create uniform, tightly-packed, thermal-protected coating for new levels of hardness.
  • 2016In 2016 Sandvik Coromant rolls out the CoroPlus® platform, providing connected solutions that increase security and save time in design and planning. Relying on real-time input and recording through software, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud-based analytics allows for unprecedented insights into machine performance.
  • 2017The concept of turning is revolutionized with PrimeTurning™, a method that allows for turning in all directions.

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The future is here today

We’re living in a time of rapid digitization, where computers and robots are performing tasks once found only in science fiction. This technology signals another industrial revolution, and though we are in its early stages, we can feel that the speed of change is accelerating.

Machining Knowledge

Digital solutions allow us to share knowledge with one another wherever we are. We can make centuries of machining knowledge available at the touch of a button, we can give support and recommendations via integrated software and create solutions which make a difference for whole industries - could that improve your business?

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Digital Machining

The introduction of digital machining platforms will offer opportunities to form digital threads right through your value chain - can we reduce your lead time?

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The earth’s resources are not infinite and we aim to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. By working with sustainability, we strive to make sure that our environmental footprint remains no bigger than it has to be and that our ethical and social behaviour is in line with the expectation of our owners and you our customers.

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