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Sustainable business

Sustainable business


The global reach of Sandvik Coromant provides a pronounced, multi-faceted perspective on climate change. The diversity of our teams built on a foundation of equality and inclusion is what grants us contrasting views on the societal effects of global warming. The safety and well-being of our employees, their families and the communities they belong to are organically linked to our value system and responsibilities as a sustainability advocate in an industry like ours.

However, the manufacturing sector is yet to be fully green. It has come a long way in terms of energy and resource efficiency, but it is not quite where it needs to be.

The climatic hothouse has succeeded in cultivating the sort of empathy and respect that should’ve been there from the start – because nature bites back. With a deeper understanding of the importance of balance, we plant our efforts in the soil for a better, environmentally proactive future.

Economies and societies are seen as embedded parts of the biosphere

Photo credit illustration by Stockholm Resilience

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By collaborating and adopting new technologies and materials, we will achieve leaner manufacturing that contributes to reduced energy consumption. Quicker machining processes, fewer stops and changes, longer tool life, reduced amount of scrap like unrecycled inserts, tools, materials and cutting fluids – every little tweak and upgrade builds up to a whole new milestone in manufacturing economics. And by involving our employees, partners, suppliers and customers, we can explore new business opportunities and create a sustainable future together.


Our sense of duty for the environment and our people is not a recently shaped thought pressured into existence by the current state of the planet. It can be traced back to the 1970s, but it was a decade ago that marks the beginning of recycling strategies. This commitment has brought us to a 80% circularity through our buy-back program.

Learn more about our carbide buy-back program

We have consistently monitored our CO2 emissions over the past few years and have experienced a 20% overall reduction. With the increasing availability of renewable energy, we are looking for ways to incorporate it in all our processes and improve our use of energy.


We are reworking our transport plan and moving closer to manufacturing carbon-neutral products and materials. We build and renovate our factories and sustainable facilities for a prolonged, greener use with comfort and security considerations in mind for our employees and visitors.

Read more about our ​work with Green factories and facilities​​​

​​Providing a secure environment and a reliable work process is a top priority in this industry, and combined with sustainable business, we promise to keep on delivering a highly efficient and clean performance for employees and customers alike.

The future holds potential for a variety of outcomes, both good and bad. The UN predicts 200 million climate refugees by 2050, and while it may be a worst-case scenario, it is based on actual scientific speculations.

Scientists had understood the greenhouse effect for three-quarters of a century but underestimated the scope of damages human activity could cause to the environment. According to Our Common Future (otherwise known as the Brundtland report) sustainable development “meets the needs of the present without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Read more about our step-by-step improvements to make our largest manufacturing plant greener

Our Common Future


Driving the shift

We have a chance to push the industry in a better direction. This is why we support the Paris Climate Agreement and United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. What’s more, we choose to take one step further and drive an internal sustainable force to Make the Shift by 2030.

We are actively driving positive change, a pushback against irrevocable and scarring consequences. We seek to preserve and help restore the environment to ensure long-term existence and stability for many generations to come.

This signifies the beginning of a new age of technological development designed not mainly for profit, but for the people and the planet. Nature seeks balance, and our aim is to respect and maintain it.

Sandvik Coromant and the Sandvik Group is committed to using engineering and innovation to make the shift that will drive more sustainable business. Our aim is to lead this shift and be the innovative business partner that our customers need by making sustainability part of every aspect of business, delivering value for everyone, everywhere.

To achieve this, we are focusing on four sustainability goals for 2030:


  • We will drive the shift to more circular business models and use of resources. Our goal is more than 90% circularity.
  • We will deliver on our commitments to reduce impact on the climate. We are aiming to shift mindsets and outcomes in our own business, for our customers and with our suppliers to help reach our targets.
  • We aspire to the highest standards for people and we will keep stepping these standards up higher and higher. Our goal is zero harm.
  • We will constantly aim higher in ethics and transparency, being a leader in playing fair and being open.

Learn more about “The Shift”

World leaders have committed themselves to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Sandvik Coromant has defined the goals that are most relevant for the company and to which we actively contribute

Learn how we contribute to the UN goals



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