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Manufacturing economics

What would be the most profitable solution for your production?

  • Increased cutting data or fewer machine stops?
  • Tailor made or standard tools?
  • Invest in new equipment or utilizing the existing in a more effective way?
  • Moving machines and / or staff in order to get a better production flow?
  • Shorter manufacturing cycles or fewer tool changes?


  • Multi task machines or milling and turning machines?
  • Modular tools or traditional ones?
  • Designing products optimized for your production or optimized for your customers?
  • Several optimized inserts or fewer with a wider range of use?
  • More machine operators or more automation?


  • Reprogramming or not?
  • Your own tool stock or quick deliveries?
  • Your own expertise or consultants?
  • Your own employees or outsourcing?
  • Move production or train staff?
  • Software systems providing automatic purchasing or manual routines?
  • Design your products in order to have optimum ease in manufacturing or design them to be optimal to your customer.


  • Preset tools from the tool room or measuring cut in the machine?
  • Reduced setup times or smaller batch sizes?
  • New sophisticated technology or traditional safe one?
  • Fewer rejections or higher rate of production?
  • Many suppliers with niche products or few with a wide assortment?
  • Shorter lead times or lower tool costs?
  • Higher quality or lower production costs?


There are many questions to answer and the major strategic decisions are more often related to finance than technology. That is why we are there to support you in unlocking the secrets of your manufacturing economics. You can be certain that we will always offer a solution that makes your production more profitable.

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