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Will you make the switch?

To abandon a proven and safe solution is not a decision taken lightly for critical operations such as parting off. Bucher Emhart Glass planned to stick to their current parting-off tool, unless something came up that could radically improve their productivity. So naturally, when being introduced to CoroCut QD, they were sceptical. Find out what triggered Bucher Emhart Glass to finally make a switch.

A better tool for a better job

In today's competitive market, you can't afford not to get the most out of your tools. CoroCut QD combines extended tool life with higher cutting data to create the best parting-off tool in existence.

Rendering of a metal hexagon

80% longer tool life

CoroCut QD's under coolant increases tool life by effectively controlling the temperature at the cutting edge. What's more, the coolant is combined with insert grades that provide excellent edge-line security. The result? CoroCut QD offers a tool life improvement unmatched by any other parting-off tool on the market.

Rendering of a multiple metal hexagons

42% cost reduction

One of the most critical questions for manufacturers is how to reduce manufacturing costs. CoroCut QD's answer is to allow for higher cutting data, thus lowering the cost per cut and increasing your overall savings. Moreover, stable clamping design allows for thinner inserts and blades for narrower parting widths and reduced material waste.

Rendering of a metal hexagon

87% increase in productivity

Dedicated grades combined with internal over- and under coolant shortens cycle times by allowing for higher cutting data. Coolant is easily connected with smart adaptor solutions for faster set-ups and insert changes. For you, this means less down-time and more time for productive machining.

Rendering of a multiple metal hexagons
Rendering of a multiple metal hexagons
200Tests done 31Different countries 7583Hours in cut

95% win rate

In 200 tests conducted in 31 countries reaching over 7,500 hours of cutting, the CoroCut QD has proved itself time and again to be the best parting-off tool on the market.

CoroCut QD: productivity at a glance

The hardwear
  • Reliable insert grades and dedicated geometries for all materials.
  • Made of strong tool material, allowing for the deepest cuts or narrowest widths.
  • Available with internal over- and under coolant for chip control and longer tool life.
  • Smart clamping with railed interface makes insert changes smooth and effortless while ensuring a precise insert position.

Find out all the details about CoroCut QD

Learn more, earn more

CoroCut QD with coolant

Exploiting the benefits of coolant in parting and grooving

This technical paper sets out to explain why machine shops should give greater consideration to the significant advantages that effective coolant delivery can bring in parting and grooving operations.

Download white paper (09/2015)

How to achieve greater performance, quality and tool life in the 21st century

Today's global marketplace is more competitive than ever before, meaning that machining operations need higher-quality, longer-lasting, cost-saving tools that give them an edge. In this white paper, we share our knowledge on the tools and best practices that will help you get the most out of your parting and grooving operations.

Download white paper (05/2015)​

A perfect tool for any operation

When it comes to parting off, CoroCut QD is the most effective tool for the job. But we also know that your operation needs flexibility. That’s why we offer wide selection of specialized parting and grooving tools that promise longer tool life, better chip control and superior surface finish for any operation.

The hardwear

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