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Future manufacturing with CoroPlus™

Future manufacturing with CoroPlus®

Connect and make your big data pay off

In our rapidly changing digitalized society, the manufacturing industry has an opportunity to seize un-tapped opportunities to minimize time, resource and data waste – and become more profitable.

The CoroPlus® platform from Sandvik Coromant gives you access to connected solutions that increase security and save time in design and planning. Connected tools and Internet of Things (IoT) devices enable you to monitor your machining performance and make well-informed decisions on how to optimize you machining processes. Cloud-based analytics and on-site systems allow you to make use of all the collected data in your machining operations.

Design and planning

Save time and improve quality in design and planning

  • Tool and cutting data recommendations integrated in your CAD/CAM environment
  • Tool library built on ISO 13399 open for all cutting tool suppliers

Get in-cut insights with connected hardware

  • Sensor-based tool intelligence, all the way to the cutting edge
  • Machine monitoring IoT system for increased security in the machining process
  • Easy, remote tool configuration

Learn and improve with advanced machining analytics

  • Process intelligence from micro to macro level – machining, factory, enterprise
  • Connected tools and machines for live stream monitoring and process optimization

We’re ready for Industry 4.0. Are you?

Digital 'eyes and ears' inside your machine give you access to real-time process insights, and empower your CAD/CAM operations with product data at the click of a button. The current CoroPlus® offer spans from connected cutting tools to software solutions and IoT devices.

CoroPlus® ToolGuide in your CAM

CoroPlus® ToolGuide in your CAM

Get the speeds and feeds for your tool assembly at the click of a button, without ever leaving your CAM software. This powerful solution uses an open Application Programming Interface (API) to connect to your CAM software. Contact your Sandvik Coromant representative or CAM reseller to learn more about how to get started with CoroPlus® ToolGuide, or try the full version online today.

Try the online CoroPlus® ToolGuide now

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary sets standards

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary sets standards

Select tools from any supplier’s ISO 13399 standard tool catalog, create assembly, and export to CAM. CoroPlus® ToolLibrary helps to increase machining productivity and security and saves time during machine setup. Your workstation doesn’t need to have an Internet connection, as CoroPlus® ToolLibrary supports you both online and offline.

Download the free CoroPlus® ToolLibrary now

CoroPlus® ToolPath code generators

CoroPlus® ToolPath code generators

Generate programming codes and techniques for a particular application. Solutions come both as stand-alone software and integrated in partner’s systems.

Learn more about PrimeTurning™

Learn more about SpiroGrooving™

Learn more about InvoMilling™

In-cut monitoring with Silent Tools™ +

In-cut monitoring with Silent Tools™ +

Connected damped adaptors increase process control and security in internal turning with long overhang. The connected dashboard expands opportunities for in-cut monitoring, process learning and optimization. This sensorized solution gives you access to direct information about what’s happening inside your machine and component, making preemptive actions and process improvements easier.

Learn more about Silent Tools™ +

Process monitoring with CoroPlus® ProcessControl

Process monitoring with CoroPlus® ProcessControl

Increase control of your machining process through the implementation of hardware and software solutions inside your machine tool. Collision detection, cutting tool performance monitoring and machine tool condition reporting will help you improve productivity and save cost in your production.

Learn more about CoroPlus® ProcessControl

A digital eco-system that multiplies value

A digital eco-system that multiplies value

Developing a platform for digital machining that brings true value isn’t something you do on your own. Connectivity builds on interoperability with the industry around you, meaning open APIs*, standards and partnering up.

The Sandvik Coromant network consists of partnerships across CAD/CAM, machine tool makers, logistics, network and cloud. The product of these interconnected partnerships: increased value for you.

*Application Programming Interface

Stay up to date with CoroPlus®

This is just the beginning. Stay up to date with CoroPlus®.

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