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You have a different way of looking at things. You don’t just see the sum of all the parts; you see how all the parts make up the sum. That’s because you make the components that shape the things around us. And that’s why we create precision tools that are purposely

Made For Milling.

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Excellent chip formation

Cost-efficient solution

Robust insert mounted with large screw

CoroMill® 745

Tilted in your favour

We’ve tilted the inserts in our all-new CoroMill 745 at an innovative and unconventional angle. That means you get all the advantages of a positive, single-sided cutter – low noise, low power consumption and excellent chip formation – in a double-sided, multi-edge tool. The result is a 14-edge, cost-efficient solution that offers high productivity at a reduced cost-per-component.

Discover the secret behind the innovative CoroMill 745

Single-sided milling cutter

To discover more about what makes this double-sided face milling cutter so unique, let’s start by looking at a single-sided milling concept with four cutting edges.

Positive cutting action

The inserts in a single-sided milling cutter are positively tilted in the tip seat in order to create a light cutting action.

Transforming the tool

With CoroMill 745, the positive, single-sided cutting edge position is transformed into a cost-efficient, double-sided concept by modifying the insert inclination. This unconventional inclination provides a large, positive angle on the main cutting edge for a positive cutting action.

Performance and economy in one

By combining the two concepts, we get a 14-edge face milling cutter with positive cutting action. CoroMill 745 is your ideal face milling tool for cost-efficient, productive and reliable machining. Application areas are roughing to semi-finishing in steel and cast iron.

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Can you tell the difference?

CoroMill 745

The double-sided, positive design brings you light cutting action with smooth, soft sound at a low cost-per-edge and a good working environment.

Single-sided concept

The light cutting action provided by this single-sided cutter results in a good sound.

Double-sided concept

Robustness and an increased number of edges constitute this double-sided concept.

Differential pitch

The unique differential pitch is a perfect problem-solver when dealing with vibration. It has reduced weight and length, and the insert position is radially compensated to produce an even chip load on every insert.

CoroMill 745 in action

See the multi-edge concept in action and take a closer look at its features.

New PVD grade for steel milling with shoulder mills

52% lower spindle load

By using CoroMill 745 instead of a competitor cutter, productivity increased by 29% when machining a universal joint.

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Face milling application

Learn more about how to apply CoroMill 745 and our other CoroMill concepts.

The Sandvik Coromant offer includes different types of milling cutters for a wide range of milling operations

We're all about milling

No matter if you’re milling flat surfaces, shoulders, slots, gears or complex 3D shapes, you can find a milling cutter that meets your demands.

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